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May 19
Set Your Clients on a Secure Path with Coalition Cyber Liability Quote

Cyber criminals are exploiting the disruption businesses are currently experiencing by increasing their social engineering tactics, creating fake COVID-19 related domains, increasing phishing attacks and so on. How do you address cybersecurity with your clients? Where do you start? With a quote from Coalition.

In a matter of minutes you can provide your clients with a cyber liability quote and Free Cyber Risk Assessment. The free assessment includes:

  • Critical alerts and remediation advice
  • Customized security recommendations
  • Analysis of all discovered servers and assets for known security vulnerabilities
  • Analysis of all suspicious and vulnerable ports
  • Darkweb scan to find stolen data and credentials
  • Technology vulnerability detection and patch manager

Coalition's free Learning Center is specifically designed to help businesses tackle the most common security tasks they face: 

  • basic cybersecurity knowledge
  • tools and techniques for keeping business emails safe
  • protecting off-the-shelf and custom web applications
  • protecting the integrity and security of a domain name
  • types of malware and how to protect your business
  • security compliance, where to get started, and how Coalition can help
  • security best practices from industry professionals and guidelines

Coalition's recent blog series, Part 1 & Part 2, provides guidance on how to maintain a successful and secure remote workforce. Be sure to share with your clients!

Coalition's security engineers are ready to point you and your clients in the right direction. Log into to request a quote today! Reach out to Big “I" Markets' Cyber Program Manager, Carla McGee, if you have any questions or would like to walk through a quote.

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