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Aug 04
Make More Strategic Decisions with Caliper

As organizations continue to navigate these uncharted waters, use Big “I” partner Caliper to make smart and strategic decisions. A single assessment can assist in selecting top talent, predicting future performance, and creating high-performing teams. See how you can embrace your applicant pool and current workforce with Caliper.

Why use the Caliper Profile? Simply put, it is not just another personality test. Beyond the Caliper Profile lies the Caliper Essentials Suite of Reports that allows you to dive deeper and extract data from the reports to help your organization to grow. The powerful Caliper Portal helps you to pull reports on new hires, map candidates and employees to a job fit, and gather coaching recommendations to help you hire and provide targeted training and development to target specific behaviors or skill gaps.

Learn more about your Big “I” discount on Caliper tests and services at

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