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Aug 03
Why Do Water Sensors Make Sense for Condos?

When a pipe bursts or an appliance leaks in a condominium, that water can damage not only the condo's walls, floor and cabinetry, but the neighboring units as well – potentially requiring multiple families to undergo renovations and repairs.

One way to catch water leaks before they cause major damage is by installing point-of-leak water sensors. Your clients would place these sensors around devices that use water, such as toilets, washing machines, or refrigerators. If a sensor detects water, it is designed to immediately sound an alarm and send an alert, letting your client know there is a problem.

Big “I" Markets affluent carrier Chubb has provided these downloadable fliers to share with their clients:

Protect your home from the #1 cause of loss
Explains how a water shut-off device works and what options are available.

Protecting your condo from water damage
Outlines sensor options and where to place them in a condo.

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