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Oct 26
Don't Let Bonds Frighten You

Halloween is a holiday filled with mystery, magic and superstition. It conjures up images of frightening things the human mind cannot fully comprehend. It perpetuates and plays upon our fear of the unknown. While that is all well and good for one night a year of scares, screams and trick-or-treating, it is not how Goldleaf Surety wants agents to perceive the process of obtaining a bond. 

When a client contacts your office with a bond need and your first reaction is heart-pounding fear, remember that Goldleaf Surety is here to be your backroom surety-only provider. When you have a client that calls to say they need a surety bond, Goldleaf can assist you in determining what your client needs and help navigate the underwriting process to assist you and your client in obtaining the bond. 

Put Goldleaf Surety's 20+ year track record to work for your agency. Goldleaf's goal is to make the process of securing the bonds you need as easy as possible.  Whether you're looking for a license and permit bond, court or fidelity bond, bid or performance bond, or one of hundreds of other bonds, Goldleaf has the knowledgeable staff, processes, and partnerships to make it happen.

So remember, when it comes to surety, Goldleaf Surety will take the fright out of the process.  For assistance with all of your bond needs, you can access Goldleaf Surety through Big “I" Markets. Simply log in to, or email and an underwriter will contact you.

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