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Jan 24
Share AIG’s Top 10 Personal Insurance Considerations with Clients

Big “I" Markets affluent partner AIG has shared a list of “Top 10 Personal Insurance Considerations" that you can share with clients and potential customers.  

Insurance for homes, cars, fine art, jewelry and other material assets is a critical part of wealth management, yet many still overlook it. Consider sharing the following suggestions:

  1. It's good to have all your eggs in one basket.
    You make significant purchases over time, so it's common to insure them in different ways. However, this fragmented approach makes insurance more difficult and expensive to manage. Consolidation— with one independent insurance advisor and one carrier— simplifies paperwork and helps avoid coverage gaps.

  2. Seek out the specialists. 
    Most insurers are not equipped to address complex risk management needs. Consult an independent insurance advisor who focuses exclusively on affluent clientele. He/she can connect you to custom-tailored solutions that you cannot access directly.

  3. Recognize the value of personal liability insurance. 
    Excess liability (umbrella) insurance responds to claims of personal injury or property damage, and obtaining higher coverage limits is more affordable than one might think. As jury verdicts continue to escalate into the tens of millions, this is not an area on which to skimp.

Read on for the full list from AIG.

AIG's Private Client Group homeowner coverage is available for dwelling replacement cost coverage valued at $750k or more in most states.

AIG's Private Client Program and is available to registered members in all states. Head over to Big "I" Markets and log in, then click on “Affluent Program - New Business" to learn more!

If you wish to discuss multiple policies or a large book roll, contact Nancy Doherty.

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