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Customer Service

These articles are just a small sampling of the dozens and dozens of customer service focused articles in this section of the VU research library:

  • “5 Must-Do Customer Service Strategies,”  
  • “8 Ways That Customer Loyalty Pays,”  
  • “The 10 Commandments of Customer Service,”  “
  • "14 Tips for Calming Upset Customers,”  
  • “Customer Retention Q&A,”  
  • “Customer Service Report Cards,”  
  • “Fixing $12 Haircuts,”  
  • "Cracking the Egg."
  • “Getting Rid of Abusive Customers,” 
  • And don't miss The Customer Service Handbook.

Click and choose a customer service author and dive into a wealth of information.
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Bradley Flower, Big I member and owner of Portal Insurance in Mobile, Alabama, knows a few things about catastrophes. He developed catastrophe claims process we asked him to share for agents who have cat-exposed clients. After catastrophic events, your insureds will reach out for help, and while you may be mopping up your own damage, this process can help you provide excellent service to your insureds.
The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires insurance agents to follow best practices outlined in that legislative rule. The Big “I” Agents Council for Technology offers resources that can help agents comply with the legislation and help ensure agents fully document all text conversations they have with their clients. Following some simple best practices can help all your employee capture all communications with your clients in your agency management system, or otherwise document conversations in your agency’s files.
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