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Insurance is Sexy

Author: Chris Boggs

Right off the bat, I know the title isn't politically correct; but that issue has never stopped me before. If you'll hang with me, hopefully you won't be so upset when I'm done.

According to the experts, our industry is in almost immediate need of nearly 400,000 new workers due to retirements and other transitions. However, many hiring managers say the industry is having the same problem it has always had – insurance is not sexy.

Well, I beg to differ!

Insurance is the sexiest profession out there!

During my time in this great industry:

  • I have had the opportunity to tour areas of museums not open to the public. Kept in these areas are the displays that are NEVER seen by the public;
  • I've had the opportunity to see how many products are made – something few others ever see;
  • I've gotten stuck in a basement with no way out (and a hole in the middle of the floor no one knew how deep it was);
  • I've seen corpses drained and embalmed;
  • I've had to learn about various facets of electrical engineering, hydraulics, and fire protection;
  • I've had the opportunity to investigate a fire loss in which a Smokey the Bear consume was burned up (a certain amount of irony);
  • I've seen the oil changed in a locomotive engine;
  • I learned about arson investigation;
  • I've insured operations involved in top secret government projects; and
  • I taught an insurance class in England.

This is not a complete list of the neat things I've experienced; but I have some great stories to tell – all because of my forced-into-yet-ultimately-chosen career. Tell me this stuff ain't sexy.

When I talk to many of my friends in the industry, they tell me the same types of stories.

Yes, insurance has a lot of legal language, statutes, numbers and guidelines; but there are also a lot of very cool aspects we never talk about with those looking for a career.

If you go into a high school or onto a college campus to recruit for the industry and you focus on the idea that “insurance is a good, steady career," or “you can help people avoid financial disaster," you will mostly be ignored. While all of this is true, it's boring.

But, if you go in and tell them how your fraud investigation team helped break up a multi-state theft ring, or how you insure a unique operation and have access to parts of the operation few others ever get to see, this will attract the talent.

Those in the insurance industry know we get to experience a whole lot of unique things and meet a whole lot of unique people; we just need to tell the stories more effectively. Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

Yes, we are necessary for society; we take care of people; we deal with contracts – but that is all boring. Beyond the mundane, we get to see and experience things people in most other industries don't - ever. This is what makes insurance sexy.

Last Updated: March 13, 2020
First Published: February 15, 2019

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