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ACTIn addition to the information in the Virtual University, the Agents Council for Technology (ACT) is dedicated to promoting the use of the most effective workflows and technologies within the Independent Agency System and has an abundance of resources.

In order to accomplish their goals, ACT brings independent insurance agencies together with their carriers, vendors, associations and user groups to discuss the best approaches to take as an industry, to advocate for these improvements and to produce reports, articles and webinars to help independent agencies and our industry implement the recommended approaches.

ACT provides resources on

  • how to be more efficient
  • internet marketing
  • real-time
  • planning and security
  • carriers and E&S market
Email evidence was a highly publicized part of the Microsoft antitrust case, with both sides resurrecting chatty notes that are several years old. The case has shed light on some sobering facts about email. Not only is it more than idle chatter, it's also very hard to get rid of. In this article, Jack Fries demonstrates how ill-conceived, dogmatic email can come back to bite you and your agency. Do you know what your CSRs, producers and others are saying to others? For a chilling look at a major E&O exposure, keep reading....
Do your employees spend, what seems to you to be, an inordinate amount of time on the internet at work...whether during business hours or their personal time? Ever wonder what they're doing? Ever wonder about the nature of the emails they send or receive? To control net use (and abuse), you need a formal policy.
Do you want to provide superior customer service to your clients?  Do you want to improve productivity?  These are proven results that you too can achieve by implementing the Real Time features available today. In this article, noted agency workflow expert Laura Nettles discusses the importance of rethinking agency workflows to incorporate Real Time. Laura makes a very convincing profitability case for agencies to implement Real Time NOW.
Some folks from the CIRMS group discussed below presented a paper at a recent seminar on Telework Risks and Liabilities. Within that paper was a sample Office Technology Policy. They have graciously allowed me to share it with you for your review and possible use. This is just another example of the wealth of information shared within this Yahoo! group beyond just the insurance and risk management discussions of community associations.
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