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A salesperson I know recently walked into a client's office he had visited often. Everything seemed the same as usual. But he quickly sensed something was wrong. When the client told him they had decided to pass on his latest proposal, he was not surprised. He'd been warned by the staff's body language.
You need to ask questions to start a sale, but you need to ask the right questions to close one. Unless you learn to probe and clarify throughout the entire sales process, you'll never uncover a prospect's hidden objections. Uncovering the information you need can be difficult. Here are the four basic barriers and how to overcome them....
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to glide through objections easily, comfortably and with success? Objections are the bane of most financial advisors and salespeople. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid them – you must answer them satisfactorily to close the sale. However, objections are not insurmountable – they are hurdles, not walls. With the right mind set, you can answer them. And, once you do, you will never have to worry about closing again – it will be easy, natural and frequent.
Have you ever had a hard time persuading people to see your point of view, to do something for you, or to sell them a product or service? Most of us have. But you can learn to be a powerful persuader by becoming a 'persuasion detective.' Successful detectives both ask smart questions and listen very carefully to the answers they get. A detective is always probing and clarifying suspects' answers so he can uncover hidden clues.
There is so much emphasis placed on probing, but so little time spent doing it. I have video taped over 1,000 sales interviews and only one person had an accurate perception of what percentage of time he spent actually probing and listening. The other 999+ felt they were asking and listening over 60 percent of the time. In actuality, they were talking over 70 percent of the time.
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