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We dare to say that our newsletter subscribers (you) are wealthier and have more potential for wealth creation than 99.1% of the population on the planet. Check that statistic out for yourself. When considering the world stage, your current and future earning power is staggering. Keep in mind, though, that it’s not all about your financials – it’s also about your standards and values. And for those worried about losing their jobs, look out your window....
In our constant search for the easy way to sell (there is no easy way but we continue to look), one consistent factor is that the most successful sales organizations are aware of their numbers and make course corrections by them. Organizational and individual patterns of success can be duplicated and challenges recognized and overcome. Do you know your referral ratio?
In our work across the country, sales people are pressured for sales results while simultaneously being pressured to complete non-sales activities. We see this all over, regardless of industry. No surprise here. In your judgment, is what you are working on right now related to sales? If yes, carry on. If not....
As Gershwin wrote in the title of this article, summertime is the season when many people tend to take it a little easier...including your competitors. Sales guru Tom Redmond illustrates how this could be the opportune time to take advantage of someone else's summer sluggishness.
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