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Improved Agency Performance

On-Demand Webinars

  • In the Aftermath of the Storm: An Agent's Perspective​On-Demand-200X200.jpg
    Big "I" member agent Danny Cook from Lumberton, NC shares his experiences on life after Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 and Hurricane Florence in 2018 and explains how you can better prepare your agency if a natural disaster visits your town and your policy holders​.​

  • ​Pricing is Dead! Long Live Pricing! To Succeed, You Need to Learn to Adapt
    What is YOUR role if you are no longer able to influence pricing for your clients and prospects?

  • Emerging Insurance Pricing Mechanisms...the End of Underwriting?
    ​Explore credit reports, do/don'ts, and examine past, recent, current, and emerging pricing mechanisms from the inception of judgmental underwriting to class rating to data analytics and predictive modeling.

  • Legal & Ethical Obligations for Insurance Professionals
    As an insurance agent subjects, you are subject to varying types of legal and ethical obligations: statutes, regulations, tort liability, breach of contract, professional ethics, etc. Here you can examine 24 distinct areas of agency operations and learn how agency staff can make decisions within a legal and ethical framework that balances E&O best practices with practical business considerations​.
  • How to Compete with Direct Sales & ​Captive Agency Insurers
    Tired of all the insurance commercials that shout “Price! Price! Price!”? Are you sick of the silly claim that someone’s exposures to loss can be analyzed and priced in 15 minutes or less? Are you really, really, really ticked off about losing business to someone selling an inferior product yet claiming, “SAME COVERAGE, Better Value”? If so, you don't want to miss out on this webinar. While the webinar will primarily focus on personal lines, the first hour addresses both personal and commercial lines and many of the principles discussed throughout the webinar are applicable to both personal and commercial lines.

  • NEW! Lightnin​g Learning: Meeting Production Goal​ 
    This three part series shows you that meeting production goal requires a lot more​ work than you think it does​.

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