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Commercial Property Training

Risk & Reality Reports

Commercial Property Training R&R Cover page.pngUnderstanding Commercial Property Underwriting​
Gain a better understanding of the four key Property Underwriting factors - Construction, Occupancy, Protection, and Exposure (COPE). (Table of Contents)

ISO's 2017 Commercial Property Changes
Insurance Services Office (ISO) filed several important commercial property changes effective September 1, 2017(Table of Contents)

Properly Insuring "Fixtures"
Dig in to the surprisingly complex topic of fixtures because in commercial property, issues with fixtures are quite deep and sometimes convoluted. (Table of Contents)

Ordinance or Law: When and Why Partial Losses Become Total Losses​

We do a bad job of explaining the concept of "replacement cost" and tend to tell clients they will get new stuff for old junk. This may be partially true, but partial truths will get you sued. (Table of Contents)

Business Income: The Key Concepts for Business Income Excellence
Business income is the most undersold property coverage likely because it is the most misunderstood and scary. In reality, BI is quite once these basic concepts are understood. (Table of Contents)

Business Income: Are You Sure You Protected ALL the Insurable Income
Learn how to complete the business income worksheet (CP 15 15), a worksheet that has frightened insurance practitioners for decades. (Table of Contents)


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