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Commercial General Liability Issues

Risk & Reality Reports

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3 Keys to Getting the Named Insured Correct
Getting the named insured correct is critical because if you've done this wrong, there may be no coverage at all for that policy you just wrote(Table of Contents)

4 Key Personal & Commercial Lines Exposures
This report explains new exposures, policy issues, and options available to agents and consumers and puts readers a bit more at ease with so-called disruptors. (Table of Contents)

5 Contractor Coverage Concepts Every Agent Must Understand
Learn about the five of the most common contractor risk exposures: contractual risk transfer; properly extending insured status; business auto issues; misuse of the absolute pollution exclusion; and professional and pollution exposures faced by contractors. (Table of Contents)

Contractual Risk Transfer, Additional Insured​s, and More​
If you deal with construction clients, you deal with contractual risk transfer, additional insureds, and primary and noncontributory problems. (Table of Contents)

Is the Absolute Pollution Exclusion​ Really Absolute?​
If you've ever heard that a crushed grape was considered a pollutant, you need to read this report. (Table of Contents)


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