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  • Determine your charity of choice and how you plan to support the initiativeeither volunteer hours, collections or fundraising. 
  • Inform your community and media, we have template tools available
  • Document the event with photos, videos and more using #TCAGENTSGIVE

In 2019 we'll celebrate all year with the offical GIVE Movement dates June 1-8, 2021  and a end of year celebration Dec. 29-Jan 1. Be sure to submit your acts of service to be included!!!

Charity Inspiration
Whether you donate funds raised to Make-A-Wish, or a cause important to your team, there are easy ways to collect donations and engage neighboring companies to support your initiatives. The GIVE MOVEMENT encourages anyone to get involved including our families, clients and local businesses.

Check out our list of  #19ActsofKindness you can easily do at home!


Collection funds or items for local charities including PPE, hand sanitizers and necessary supplies for hospitals, nursing homes and other organizations

Staff fundraisers:

  • Donations for themed virtual staff meetings (sports jerseys, concert t-shirts, super heros and a great way to entertain the kids at home too! )
  • Skip your coffee collection jars
  • Collect soda tabs for charity

Community drop site:

  • Food pantry and canned food drive (our communities will need this now more than ever!)
  • Clothing drive (if you are purging the suits for sweats, be sure to share with a charity of choice) 
  • Children's clothing drives (when school opens, there may be more kids in need!)
  • School supplies drive
  • Coat drive
  • Collect pet food for animal shelter
  • Collect PPE or other necessities 

Volunteer activities:

These are likely not applicable during the pandemic, but you may have ways to support similarly, virtually. Give back through volunteer activities. Spend time together as a group making a difference in your hometown. Invite company partners, families, businesses and the media to support your work. 

  • Volunteer at a local shelter or food bank
  • Help build/improve a home
  • Connect with a local school to collect food or school supplies
  • Spend time at a local children's charity
  • Help the elderly
  • Community clean-up
  • Help adults get career readymentorship, resume writing
  • Community garden, or tree planting
  • Help at a local animal shelter  

Are you ready to JOIN the GIVE MOVEMENT?

  • Engage staff to determine the charity and level of support your can give
  • Notify the Big I" national what you plan on doing. (complete form)
  • Download our tools including social media images, sample social posts to share online
  • Motivate your team, share the word on social and get to collecting, sharing or volunteering
  • Tell your story before during and after the event online and in social, try Facebook live, etc.
  • Promote your event on the Big I" national Facebook event page for GIVE MOVEMENT and use #TCAGENTSGIVE
  • Have fun!
  • Tally the results! After the event, notify national staff of the number of volunteer hours, funds raised, items collected and we will recognize you on the Big I" website. Please complete this form within 30 days.

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For questions please contact Susan Bonner, IOM, CAE * 703-706-5397.

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​phone: 800.221.7917
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