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4 Tips to Engage Young Professionals 

Young agent communities have a lot to offer and attracting young agents to association activities is vital to the future of the industry. Young professionals provide perspective and leadership that will help create the value proposition of the future. Here are four strategies for engaging young professionals:

It's all about the data: because membership is at an agency level, we have a dig to find the right contact information for young agents. Pitch the benefits like access to the Virtual University and newsletters to agency principals in exchange for staff rosters. Carrier representatives, young agent alum and board members are also great resources. Ask for name, title, email, phone and designations at first and build a profile from there.

Tell a story: profile young agents in your magazines, newsletter and on the website. Share stories of their success, things they do different. Include photos, LinkedIn addresses and more.

Make the ask: assign young agent committee members to reach out to young professionals on phone or email on a regular basis. Ask a few questions and invite them to get involved or participate in an event.

Don't forget about them: have a plan to stay connected after events and ask for input on speakers, or resources to help them in their career.

Want more best practices? Download your guide to Start or Revitalize your Young Agents Program. Ready to shine, download the 2019 Outstanding Young Agents Committee of the Year Applications.

Talk to your member of the national young agents committee or  Susie Bonner. 

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