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Everyday is Rewarding in Insurance

When I was in high school, our marching and concert band won a national championship in Orlando and had the honor of playing at Epcot in Disney World. Playing at Disney was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but our arrival home was the real turning point.
The entire town was there to welcome us, greeting our band with a parade, police escort and—most important—our parents and fellow community members. That was the moment I knew I wanted a career that could make me feel like that every day.
When a client puts their faith and trust in me to protect the family and belongings they work so hard for, I get a similar gratifying feeling—much like the day we came home from winning the championship.
I recently had to leave my 8-year-old daughter to go to an association meeting. I told her I wouldn’t be leaving her if it wasn’t important and explained the work we do to amend and encourage legislation that helps our industry and our neighbors. I also explained that even when one thinks their voice may not be heard, it’s possible to make it happen.
Two days later, my daughter got to see her insurance mom in action. She was sick and I had to pick her up early from school. I took calls from two different clients on the way to the doctor, and in that short drive I was able to handle both their concerns.
This was yet another opportunity to show my daughter that my career is rewarding and fulfilling. Insurance enables me to make a difference because I use it as the vehicle for helping to protect my customers and my family. I am truly blessed to call myself a Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent.
Carolyn Reynolds, agency principal of Reynolds Insurance in Richmond, Kentucky, has been a member of the Big “I” national Young Agents Committee since 2013 and has served in numerous capacities for the Independent Insurance Agents of Kentucky.
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