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We Make Leaders at the Big "I" Young Agents Leadership Institute

Young professionals, get ready to take on New Orleans and master the art of leadership at the Big “I” Young Agents Leadership Institute.
The annual gathering attracts agents from across the nation to provide valuable leadership, sales and technology expertise while offering networking opportunities with today’s independent agency system decision makers and carrier front-runners.
This year, the national Young Agents Committee (YAC) has taken the title of the event to heart. Leadership is the foundation of success in the workplace, community or when making the sale that takes your career to the next level.
This year, U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. Nick Popaditch (Retired) will provide lessons and vivid storytelling from the field on leading through the unexpected—motivating you to handle the next leadership challenge in stride. Attendees will also participate in a leadership boot camp with Powerhouse Learning founder Brandie Hinen. Presentation and mock scenarios will give you tactical leadership and change management techniques.
Join us Oct. 2-3 in New Orleans—we make leaders. A limited number of scholarships are available for first-time attendees. 
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