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Builders Risk and Installation Floaters

Presenter Steve Coombs literally wrote the book on builders risk, namely "The Builders Risk Book", published by IRMI and coauthored by the legendary Don Malecki. During this 2-hour Big "I" Virtual University recorded webinar, you will learn about: the difference between Builders Risk, Installation Floater, and Riggers insurance; the insurance requirements in construction contracts; common coverage problems and solutions; and soft cost and delay coverages (presented live on November 16, 2016 ~ 2 hours).

NFIP: Change, Chaos, and Confusion

Reauthorization of the NFIP looms in September 2017. April brought significant changes to the flood program as will the months ahead. Coverage experts David Thompson and Chris Heidrick do their best to cut through some of the confusion surrounding the NFIP and help attendees navigate recent and future changes. Topics include subsidized rates, refunds, grandfathering surcharges, lapses, and the private flood insurance market (presented live on October 27, 2016 ~ 2 hours).

New Overtime Ruling: Decisions to Be Made

Veteran employment lawyer and agency consultant Don Phin takes attendees on a fast moving presentation designed to make sure your agency properly manages the new wage and hour regulations. Avoid agency fines, lawsuits, and more (presented live on August 30, 2016 ~ 2 hours).

Finding & Fixing Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps
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By way of scores of real-life claims and court cases, this program examines common coverage gaps found in many COMMERCIAL LINES policies and addresses remedies for such gaps (if they exist) on the form of insurance product or risk management techniques. This knowledge can give you a competitive advantage in marketing and sales, reduce your E&O exposure, and, most important, better insure that your customers won't have uncovered claims (presented live on August 23, 2016 ~ 2 hours).

Finding & Fixing Personal Lines Coverage Gaps

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By way of scores of real-life claims and court cases, this program examines common coverage gaps found in many PERSONAL LINES policies and addresses remedies for such gaps on the form of insurance product or risk management techniques. This knowledge can give you a competitive advantage in marketing and sales, reduce your E&O exposure, and, most important, better insure that your customers won't have uncovered claims (presented live on July 20, 2016 ~ 2 hours).

Drones AKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Problems, Solutions & Insurance

One of the most fluid issues in insurance today involves drones. The technology, regulations, exposures, and coverages seem to change on a daily basis. This program is designed to bring the participant completely up to date with regard to the technology, laws and regulations, evolving exposures/uses, and what coverages (both personal and commercial lines) are available in the marketplace. It will also dispel some of the myths about coverage (or lack thereof), especially in the area of privacy (presented live on June 22, 2016 ~ 2 hours).

The Dumb Things We Do: 
Learning From Mistakes Made By Agents, Insurers, Insureds, Regulators & the Media

We all make mistakes in our understanding, advice and actions when it comes to insuring the public. These coverage and procedural mistakes become problematic when they adversely impact consumers and businesses, leading to inadequately covered losses and all too often, litigation. This program taps into a file we’ve accumulated over the past decade of over 500 real-life incidents that imperiled the financial condition of consumers and businesses (presented live on May 11, 2016 ~ 2 hours).

Pollution...You're Not Properly Insuring It!

This webinar identifies why "pollution" exposures go far beyond what you might think in terms of hazardous materials, with the most common pollutants being fungus/mold/bacteria. An overview of standard CGL and commercial property exclusions is provided then an in-depth review of frequently overlooked F/M/B exposures. Included are several real-life claim studies. The program concludes by examining the importance of recognizing the exposures and choosing the appropriate environmental insurance product (presented live on April 20, 2016 ~ 2 hours).

Horrible Commercial Lines Policy Forms & Endorsements to Avoid or Be Wary Of

This webinar examines dozens of commercial lines policy forms and endorsements that business entities should avoid in their insurance programs if at all possible. 
At the conclusion of this seminar, participants should be able to understand the importance of carefully reviewing customer insurance packages, determine i​f policy forms are standard ISO or non-ISO and how to determine their coverage impact, advocate for coverage strategies that best serve the interests of consumers and businesses, and winimize legal liability for failing to identify and inform insureds about important coverage limitations (presented live on March 23, 2016 ~ 3 hours).

Emerging Insurance Pricing Mechanisms…the End of Underwriting?
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This webinar explores credit reports, do/don'ts, and  examines past, recent, current, and emerging pricing mechanisms, from the inception of judgmental underwriting to class rating to data analytics and predictive modeling. (presented live on February 24, 2016 ~ 2 hours).

Insurance in the Headlines
During this webinar, participants will explore the insurance implications of car and home sharing, drones, driverless vehicles, fracking, legalized marijuana, guns and concealed carry laws, terrorism, infectious diseases, climate change, over- vs. under-insurance, NARAB, population diversity and generational changes, the internet of things, and more (presented live on January 27, 2016 ~ 3 hours).
CGL Contractual Liability Issues in the Construction Industry
During this webinar, participants will review the basic underpinnings of contractual liability – the difference between breach of contract and liability assumed by contract as well as assuming the liability of others in a contract. Emphasis will be on hold harmless and indemnity agreements often used in the construction industry, including the meaning of hold harmless and indemnity agreements, the parties to the agreement and the notion of performance of an obligation to hold harmless and indemnify another (presented live on October 21, 2015 ~ 3 hours).

Data Breach...the New Wild West? Cyber Risk Exposures & Insurance

In 2014 the number of data breaches was widely publicized including online fraud, identity theft and data breach. Criminal hackers are no longer ‘thrill seekers’, but professional computer experts mostly located outside of the United States. Very few insurance producers have even basic knowledge of the problems and possible solutions. This leaves them unable to discuss with consumers what steps including risk management and insurance coverages need to be pursued. This webinar will explain first and third party exposures to various cyber risks. It will also review the lack of insurance coverages in current CGL and property policies and the emerging markets for this coverage (presented live on July 15, 2015 ~ 3 hours).

Beyond the Basics: The ISO CGL Property Damage Exclusions

In most CGL educational programs, only passing attention is given to the ten property damage exclusions despite the fact that they are involved in countless claims and heavily litigated. Few are aware these exclusions are used to provide a broad grant of coverage to the insured. This webinar addresses the often-overlooked aspects of property damage exclusions within the context of coverage, and focuses on “broad form property damage” as critical insurance coverage for service and construction firms. It will provide information about a very important element of coverage critical to building service providers, contractors, insurance agents, claims adjusters and subrogation units (presented live on May 6, 2015 ~ 3 hours).

How to Compete with Direct Sales & Captive Agency Insurers

Are you tired of all the insurance commercials that shout “Price! Price! Price!”? Are you sick of the silly claim that someone’s exposures to loss can be analyzed and priced in 15 minutes or less? Are you really, really, really ticked off about losing business to someone selling an inferior product yet claiming, “SAME COVERAGE, Better Value”? If so, you don't want to miss out on this webinar. While the webinar will primarily focus on personal lines, the first hour addresses both personal and commercial lines and many of the principles discussed throughout the webinar are applicable to both personal and commercial lines (presented live on March 25, 2015 ~ 3 hours).

Legal & Ethical Obligations for Insurance Professionals
Being an insurance agent subjects you to varying types of legal and ethical obligations: statutes, regulations, tort liability, breach of contract, professional ethics, etc. This webinar examines 24 distinct areas of agency operations and outlines how agency staff can make decisions within a legal and ethical framework that balances E&O best practices with practical business considerations (presented live on February 11, 2015 ~ 3 hours).

Top 10 Countdown: Commercial Lines Edition
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This webinar addresses 10 commercial lines coverage issues, from little known or unknown policy coverage gaps to important and/or emerging topics that every agent should be aware of (presented live on August 13, 2014 ~ 2 hours).

Top 10 Countdown: Personal Lines Edition

This webinar addresses 10 personal lines coverage issues, from little known or unknown policy coverage gaps to important and/or emerging topics that every agent should be aware of (presented live on July 15, 2014 ~ 2 hours).
BW12 & HFIAA (HR3370): Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program
The Biggert-Waters Act of 2012 (BW12) made some of the most significant changes in the NFIP since its creation. Some of those changes evoked an immediate backlash which culminated in the passage of H.R. 3370. This new legislation makes changes to BW12 in order to help with the “sticker shock” some consumers are facing as a result of two provisions that create drastic premium increases in many parts of the country. The purpose of this webinar is to inform agents and others of recent legislative changes in the NFIP so that they can better serve consumers (presented live on May 22, 2014 ~ 2 hours).

When Words Collide...Resolving Insurance Coverage & Claim Disputes

If you’re an agent, have you ever disagreed with an underwriter about coverage or an adjuster about a claim denial? If you really believe there’s coverage, how do you convince the other person your interpretation is valid? Or, if you’re an underwriter or adjuster convinced that a policy doesn’t cover an exposure or claim, how do you convince the agent of that? This nationally-acclaimed seminar has been presented from coast to coast and is now being offered to agents, underwriters, adjusters, risk managers, attorneys, and others as a two-hour webinar (presented live on May 14, 2014 ~ 2 hours).
Demystifying Business Income Coverage, Options & Worksheets

Business income coverage is probably the most complex and misunderstood form of P&C insurance. This webinar will attempt to take difficult concepts and present them in a clear, understandable way to insure that participants fully understand the primary business income coverage form and when various options are appropriate (presented live on April 17, 2014 ~ 2 hours).

How to Calculate Business Income Limits in 15 Minutes

Calculating the limit and coinsurance percentage for business income coverage can be complex and time consuming. When bidding on new business, it may not be feasible to do the detailed analysis required until the prospect has accepted the proposal. This webinar explores a simplified method for “ball-parking” business income estimates until a more comprehensive analysis can be completed (presented live on April 16, 2014 ~ 1 hour).

Commercial Crime Coverage

This webinar is a complete review of the Insurance Services Office Crime Program including coverage forms and endorsements to address the specific coverage needs of commercial entities (presented live on February 11, 2014 ~ 2 hours).

Certificates of Insurance

It's been 3 years since we presented a full certificates of insurance webinar. During that time, some things have gotten better, some worse and new issues have popped up. The purpose of this webinar is to bring the participant up to date on current issues and wherever possible, offer suggestions and solutions (presented live on November 14, 2013 ~ 2 hours).

CRITICAL 2013 National Flood Insurance Program Changes & Issues Every Agent Needs to Know
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One of the most controversial program overhauls EVER in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is the “Biggert-Waters Reform Act of 2012.” In this special countrywide webinar, flood insurance expert David Thompson will be addressed these monumental changes AND discussing a number of other issues of critical importance to agents across the nation (presented live on September 5, 2013 ~ 2 hours).

12 Personal Lines Hot Topics, Emerging Issues, Infuriating Claim Denials & Catastrophic Coverage Gaps No One Ever Told You About

This program examines a dozen personal lines coverage topics ranging from little known or unknown, though potentially catastrophic, policy coverage gaps to important and/or emerging issues that every personal lines practitioner should be aware of (presented live on July 17, 2013 ~ 2 hours).

2013 Changes To The ISO Businessowners Policy
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Effective July 1, 2013 in most states, Insurance Services Office made: 33 major property form changes, 4 major liability changes, 30 endorsement changes, and 16 new endorsements. These changes will make the BOP’s coverage similar to the April 2013 revisions in their Commercial General Liability, Commercial Property Forms and various endorsements. Purchase this webinar and learn critically important coverage gaps and issues in the BOP program (presented live May 15, 2013 ~ 2 hours).

Be Careful What You Ask For…The NEW 2013 ISO CGL Changes

For the first time in six years, ISO has made numerous changes to its Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy forms and endorsements. There are about a dozen coverage form changes plus 80+ new or revised endorsements, including MAJOR changes in ADDITIONAL INSURED endorsements, a revision of the liquor liability exclusion for BYOB establishments, pollution exclusion changes, and more. The ADDITIONAL INSURED changes include a new blanket contractual endorsement, a new “primary and noncontributory” endorsement, and a limitation of coverage for additional insureds to contractual insurance requirements. In addition to these changes, we’ll highlight some critically important coverage gaps and issues in the CGL program (presented live on April 10, 2013 ~ 1 hour).