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ISO's 2018 Personal Auto Policy Changes

Author: Chris Boggs


​Insurance Services Office (ISO) filed 30 changes to its personal auto program to be effective September 1, 2018.  Nine changes are being made to the base PAP form itself and 21 endorsements were either revised, removed, or created.

Exclusions previously requiring the attachment of three endorsements are now included in the base PAP.

Additionally, this filing:

     - Introduces seven new optional endorsements;
     - Inserts a brand new, seemingly ridiculous exclusion into the base PAP;
     - Kills off five endorsements;
     - Revises 12 endorsements; and
     - Makes various changes to the policy form and endorsements.

In this 36-page Big "I" Virtual University Risk & Reality Report, author Chris Boggs gives you an overview of these major additions, deletions, and revisions. ISO probably won't make such drastic changes for at least another decade so don't be the last kid on your block to get this important information.

Check out this Risk & Reality Report's Table of Contents.


What is a Big "I" Virtual University Risk & Reality Report?

Our Risk & Reality Reports​ are white papers adapted from various Big "I" Virtual University webinars and articles written by some of the industry's leading experts.

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