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Important Flood Resources Agents Need

Author: Chris Boggs

Because flood coverage is somewhat victimized by politics, occasionally certain “facts" about the coverage change. Staying current requires regular review of flood insurance resources available from FEMA. Within this article are links to several of the key flood insurance resources developed and presented by FEMA.

Flood Insurance: This is the primary resource page that contains links to the various rules and resources.

NFIP Resource Library: If help is needed to explain flood insurance or the reason a client should purchase coverage, this is the page. Information from this page can be used in client meetings, on social media, on the agency's website or in marketing emails to tell the story of flood risk and drive policy sales.

NFIP Underwriting Forms: The resource for nearly any underwriting form needed. Available forms include: The Flood Insurance Application, the Preferred Risk Policy application, the various coverage forms (Dwelling, General, and RCBAP), an Elevation Certificate, Floodproofing Certificates, Cancellation Request forms, V-Zone Risk Factor Rating Forms, General Change Endorsement, and the Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form.

Flood Insurance Manual: This links to the most current edition of the Flood Insurance Manual effective October 1, 2020. For other NFIP Policy Issuances, Endorsements and Bulletins as well is a link to previous editions of the Flood Insurance Manual (2005-2019), click here.

Flood Maps: This is a fun page. Amaze your friends and clients with a FIRMette showing their location and their relative flood risk. Link to the Map Service Center (MSC), input an address and voila!

Community Status Book: Discover if a particular community participates in the NFIP. What is the current status of a community?

Last updated: February 12, 2021

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