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Mahurin, Jim

James Mahurin

Pictures - Jim 201555.jpgJames R. Mahurin, CPCU, ARM is a risk management and insurance consultant providing fee-for-service assistance to the insurance buyer. He performs risk identification studies and audits the technical quality of commercial insurance programs in relation to identified risk. Jim also prepares documents for the insurance buyer to use in seeking proposals from insurance providers and helps the buyer evaluate proposals received from the insurance industry. A small part of his practice is litigation support and expert witness work for law firms. For information about his consulting services, contact Jim at 207 Third Avenue, North, Franklin, TN 37064, 615-790-0083, or visit his website at Click Jim's photo to email him.
Jim has had consulting projects from Alaska to Florida, Maine to Oregon. Clients include contractors, colleges, mines, adventure sports, financial institutions, public entities, oil spill response organizations, national lobbying organizations, destination resorts, public pollution funds, national unions, condominium developers, interstate toll highways, law firms, and a host of others.
He has had substantial experience with pollution liability and pollution remediation funding. He developed a state pollution remediation/financial responsibility insurance fund for petroleum storage tanks in 1990 that was cited by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1997 as one of four models for states with troubled funds to consider in the redevelopment of their programs.
Jim entered the insurance industry as an Aetna C & S marketing representative in 1973. He spent nine (9) years as an independent agent. The consulting practice was opened in late 1984. Jim is author of Personal Risk Management Survey published by the International Risk Management Institute and several senior level seminars.
Jim has been president of CPCU chapters in two states. He is a member of the Society of Risk Management Consultants and serves on the board of directors.

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