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ACT Webinars

The Machines Are Coming...well, not quite yet

Dyad Webinar 600x600.pngThere is no doubt that AI is here and will significantly influence our industry and society for years to come. But where are we in the hype cycle? How is AI being used today in our industry? What should you be doing to prepare?
Join Synatic’s VP of Business Development and Alliances, Jamie Peers, and ACT’s Executive Director, Chris Cline on July 24, 2024 at 2:00 pm ET as they have a practical conversation about AI in our industry. They’ll discuss where we are in the AI journey, the need to remain focused on data and why, real-world examples of how AI is helping independent agencies today, and will open the floor for questions from attendees. 


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It All Started with an Email...

Dyad Webinar 600x600.png
Cybersecurity is not just about buying the latest software or hardware. It's about understanding the risks that your business faces and how to protect yourself from them. Rhodian Group’s Director of Cybersecurity Solutions, Aaron Wagner and ACT’s Executive Director, Chris Cline explore a real-world example of one of the most common and costly threats that insurance agencies face: Business Email Compromise (BEC). Learn how BEC works, how AI is being used by both attackers and defenders, and how to prevent and respond to BEC incidents.  Hear practical tips on how to improve your cybersecurity posture right away. Learn from the experts and secure your business from cyber threats!
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"I NEED AI!....or so I thought!"

Dyad Webinar 600x600.png
Dyad’s Chief Product Officer, Jeff Wargin, and The Big "I"'s Agents Council for Technology (ACT) Executive Director, Chris Cline reframe the question and dive into the current state of agency automation. They kick off this session with a real example of an agency meeting Dyad's team recently had and discuss how we can use it to appreciate how technology can impact effectiveness and efficiency, your team and customers, and the overall health of an agency.

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Securing Your Data in a BYOD World - 
Best Practices for Mobile Device (MDM) and Application Management (MAM)

Securing Your Data in a BYOD World.png

In a world where personal devices are integral to our work, securing your agency’s data has never been more essential. Watch a webinar that cuts through the complexity of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies and offers clear strategies for protecting your data no matter where it lives.
Jason Gobbel from Kite Technology Group and Chris Cline from Agents Council for Technology will guide you through industry regulations and corporate device policies, providing you with the tools to safeguard sensitive information, wherever your work takes you.

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*BONUS! Click here for an infographic: What Insurance Agencies Need to Know About BYOD
**EXTRA BONUS! Watch Part II as Jason Gobbel goes even deeper into key considerations when approaching BYOD plans

Proactive Engagement Delivers Lifelong Relationships

AR Webinar 3.13.24.png

Ilya Filipov, General Manager of Insurance at Total Expert and Chris Cline, Executive Director of the Big 'I' Agents Council for Technology (ACT) present an insightful webinar tailored for insurance leaders seeking to drive growth and retention in today's competitive market.
Learn from real-world examples and gain practical insights that you can immediately apply within your organization. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your sales and marketing efforts to the next level.

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Reframe the Question: "What AI do I need?"

AR Webinar 3.13.24.png

You see the buzz about AI all around, but the critical question isn't just "What AI do I need?" You should be asking yourself "What problem am I trying to solve?" This webinar, cohosted by IRYS Insurtech and ACT, delves into the foundational elements essential for leveraging AI in the insurance sector, emphasizing the pivotal role of data. Watch Chris Cline, Executive Director of ACT, and Margeaux Giles, CEO of IRYS Insurtech for a discussion on reframing the way we think about AI.
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Effective Year-Round Communication Tactics for Agents

AR Webinar 3.13.24.png

Unlock the full potential of your agency with communication strategies designed for client retention and business growth. Watch Matthew Smith from ACT Supporting Partner ClientCircle and ACT's Executive Director Chris Cline as they dive into the art and the science of maintaining effective communication with insurance clients throughout the year.

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Spring Into Action with Data-Driven Decisions

AR Webinar 3.13.24.png

The Big "I"'s Agents Council for Technology (ACT) Executive Director, Chris Cline and Paul Bessire, Chief Technology Officer at ACT Supporting Partner Coterie Insurance present an insightful session on ways you can use your data to grow your agency.
In today's fast-paced digital landscape, data plays a crucial role in shaping strategic decisions. Whether you're an insurance professional, agent, or industry enthusiast, this webinar is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to leverage data effectively.

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Data-Driven Marketing 2: Agents Aren't Marketing Experts (and shouldn't have to be!)

AR Webinar 3.13.24.pngYou’re an insurance agent, not a marketer. But you’re tasked with marketing activities every day. You know that you need to do some marketing to keep your business growing, but how do you make the most of what you’re doing?
Watch Stefanie Altman, VP of Marketing at Agency Revolution, and Chris Cline, Executive Director at the Agents Council for Technology as they discuss ways insurance agents can use data in their marketing activities practically and effectively.

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Demystifying AI in Insurance

Utilizing AI in your business can seem daunting at first, however this webinar seeks to eliminate those myths and explain why AI is so important for agencies. Use cases extend across the customer lifecycle, from supporting initial sales calls to servicing existing customers. Join LULA Co-Founder Michael Vega-Sanz and ACT's Executive Director, Chris Cline as they not only educate you on AI, but also provide actionable steps to get your agency adopting tools to increase revenue!

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Microsoft Teams: More Than Meets the Eye

Adam Atwell Microsoft MVPChief Technology Officer Kite Technology Group (1).pngIf you wish you knew more about Microsoft Teams and its capabilities, join the Microsoft MVP and Chief Technology Officer from Kite Technology Group, Adam Atwell and ACT's Executive Director, Chris Cline for a discussion of key Microsoft Teams features.
Among the topics they discuss are:
 - Best practices for setting up channels 
 - Streamlining communication with chat
 - Cultivating a stronger company culture with Teams
 - Driving adoption of Teams and other technology in your agency
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Establishing a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy for Your Agency

Your agency has a wealth of data. Are you taking advantage of it? Having a data-driven approach to marketing is essential, but all too often, agencies shy away from it. If that sounds familiar, you don’t want to miss this session.
Watch Vice President of Agency Revolution Stefanie Altman and Chris Cline, Executive Director at the Agents Council for Technology, have a lively, in-depth conversation about marketing with data.

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Communication, Collaboration and the Role of AI

Coffee Talk.PNG

Unique challenges and technological transformations are reshaping the insurance industry. How should agencies position themselves to benefit from these changes? Join host Joe Welu as he engages in a dynamic discussion with industry experts Chris Cline and Ilya Filipov from ACT Supporting Partner, Total Expert. The conversation focuses on the lack of proactive communication from agents and the delicate balance between over-communicating and avoiding notice of rising costs. It emphasizes the importance of education, engagement, and offering advice to customers, along with leveraging technology to provide valuable insights and better serve clients. 
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Applied Client Network - Coffee Talk with Chris Cline

Coffee Talk.PNGChris Cline joins Brian Langerman and the Applied Client Network to talk about the current state of AI and it's impact on our industry. Then, they pivot and conclude with a compelling conversation about culture and onboarding new employees with the best chance for success.

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What's Next in Insurance Technology?

Challenge What You Do!.pngChris Cline, Executive Director - ACT, and Torey Maerz, co-founder and CEO, ClientCircle talk about the latest in insurtech: trends to watch, tools to invest in and fads to avoid.

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Strategize & Deploy: Tech-based Solutions for Today's Insurance Agents

Challenge What You Do!.pngCoterie Insurance hosted this LinkedIn Live event along with Vertafore and ACT - Agents Council for Technology.  Becky Monfre, VP of Digital Distribution at Coterie;  Sydney Roe, Director of Agency Marketing at Vertafore and ACT's Executive Director Chris Cline discuss technologies available to and being used by independent agencies to foster growth and efficiency.

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Challenge What You Do!

Challenge What You Do!.pngWhat's the one experience your clients have with their insurance every year? Getting an invoice and paying! The payment experience is often overlooked as an important client interaction. Watch this conversation with Malcolm MacDonald from ACT Supporting member, Red Planet Software and ACT's Executive Director, Chris Cline and learn that challenging how you look at payments in your agency can set you apart. 

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Making Data-Driven Decisions

Chris Cline - Executive Director ACT Cameron Nordholm - Head of Strategy AgentSync (1).png

Chris Cline, ACT's Executive Director and Cameron Nordholm, Head of Strategy for ACT Supporting Partner AgentSync get together to discuss how making decisions with data can elevate your way of doing business. You will learn how using data can drive intelligence and efficiency to make informed decisions, ensure accurate and continuous compliance management and secure market share with competitive intelligence. 

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The AI Revolution in Insurance

AR Webinar.jpg These days its impossible not to notice the impact artificial intelligence (AI) is making in our world. This roundtable webinar features top tech and AI experts in the insurance industry. Watch this webinar to gain valuable insights into the AI-driven future of insurance and learn how to leverage these advancements to propel your agency forward. 

Emerging Technology Trends Update - 2023 and Beyond

Complimentary Webinar (2).png
ACT and ACT Supporting Partner NetVU bring you this session as an update on Emerging Trends you may have heard at Accelerate 2023, powered by NetVU. This recap covers ideas the carriers, agents and tech firms in attendance helped ACT gather as insights into this topic. Chris Cline, ACT Executive Director and Joyce Sigler, NetVU Chairman of the Board give us a better understanding of how all of this will impact our industry three and more years in the future.

Catalyit & ACT Collaboration 

MFA and Cybersecurity Townhall (8).png
Join host Joel Zwicker from Agency Revolution as he talks with Chris Cline and Steve Anderson as they share what Catalyits collaboration with the Agents Council for Technology (ACT) means for bringing enhanced value to insurance agents. Hear the latest on plans for leveraging technology in a united effort to solve independent agencies technology needs.

The Online Customer Lifecycle Revolution 

MFA and Cybersecurity Townhall (8).png
Discover how to optimize your insurance agency's customer lifecycle and build stronger relationships with your clients. In this webinar "The Online Customer Lifecycle Revolution: How to Leverage Lifecycle Automation to Improve Sales, Retention, & Referrals" ACT's own Chris Cline and Aaron Kassover, founder of AgentMethods share how you can use automation to enhance The Online Customer Lifecycle and foster stronger relationships with clients at every stage.

MFA and Cybersecurity Townhall

MFA and Cybersecurity Townhall (8).png
Join panelists, Jim Rogers from The Hartford, Ryan Smith from Adar IT/Rigid Bits, Alvito Vaz from ID Federation and moderator Chris Cline from the Agents Council for Technology at IIABA for this informative session. These industry and cybersecurity experts discuss the current state of cyber risk and regulation, why companies are taking action, how that is impacting independent agencies, and how agencies can lean into the topic.
Demystifying APIs - ACT Tech Summit Session Wrap Up

Building the Perfect Tech Stack.PNG

Chris Cline and Peter McDonald from Wunderite are back together with a deep dive into the audience live-polling from the panel discussion at the October 2022 ACT Tech Summit. They explore questions ranging from what an API is, how they are being used, what industry readiness looks like, what is impacting pace of adoption, and what the future holds. 

Building the Perfect Tech Stack for Your Insurance Agency 

Building the Perfect Tech Stack.PNG

Insurtech is constantly evolving. Sometimes advancements and upgrades in technology can transform an agency; other times, they can suck up time and resources. How does your agency know when and which technology to upgrade? Join Chris Cline, Executive Director at the Agents Council for Technology, and Joel Zwicker, The Insurance Evangelist at Agency Revolution to hear their perspectives.


Slow Down to Speed Up 

SD.PNGAgents today face more options, challenges, and opportunities than ever before. It can be daunting! In this discussion, we explore thought-provoking ideas about why slowing down may be the best way to make effective decisions and, ultimately, speed up. 

People, Process and Technology - An ACORD Connect 2022 Session


ACT's Executive Director Chris Cline talks with Matt Simon from CoverLink Insurance and Dale Steinke from Liberty Mutual/Safeco Insurance about how although technology is prevalent front and center in our industry, there also needs to be an equitable focus on the processes and perhaps most importantly the people to effectively implement and use those technologies. Use This Passcode with the Link Below: Connect2022

Why You Need a Data Warehouse for Better Insurance Reporting


Enjoy the recording of a compelling webinar featuring speakers, Jamie Peers of ACT Supporting Member Synatic and Chris Cline, the executive director of the Agents Council for Technology, as they discuss the need and impacts of using a data warehouse for better insurance reporting and business growth.

The State of Insurance Agency Technology: Priorities and Challenges


View this webcast for a discussion with Chris Cline, the executive director of the Big Is Agents Council for Technology. The discussion will help insurance professionals feel empowered to select the right tech tools or adjust their current tech stack to exceed the expectations of todays insurance consumers. click-here-to-register-button.png

ACT/Agency Revolution - Why Attract and Delight Young Policyholders 

Untitled (250 100 px) (250 200 px) (250 150 px).png

Watch this webinar presented by Chris Cline, Executive Director of the Agents Council for Technology IIABA, and Joel Zwicker, Insurance Evangelist at Agency Revolution to understand the full value of creating a digital experience that is both convenient and authentic to attract and delight young policyholders.


ACT/EZLynx- Protecting Client PII

EZ Lynx PII Marketing Graphic II.png

As an independent insurance agent, you are called on to obtain and protect your clients' data. But where does your responsibility lie as a custodian of this sensitive information?

Join in on this conversation with ACT and EZLynx as we explore this evolving challenge.

ACT/SimplePin - Digital Solutions and the CX Lifecycle - Part I

SimplePin Part I Graphic.pngJoin a panel of industry experts as they explore the "Discover" and "Evaluate" phases of the CX journey. 

Learn how easy-to-implement digital solutions can enhance the experience you provide to your customers and exceed their expectations!


ACT/SimplePin - Digital Solutions and the CX Lifecycle - Part II

SimplePin Part II Graphic.pngIn Part II of our series, the "Purchase" and "Experience" phases of the customer journey are explored. 

Learn how easy-to-implement digital solutions can enhance the experience you provide to your customers and exceed their expectations!


ACT/SimplePin - Digital Solutions and the CX Lifecycle - Part III
SimplePin Part III Graphic.png 

Our final session of the three-part webinar series presents engaging discussions on the final steps in the CX lifecycle: "Renew" and "Refer".

 Learn ways implementing easy-to-use technologies can help you maintain and grow your agency by optimizing the customer experience. 


ACT/HawkSoft - Whose Data is it Anyway? 

HawkSoft Thumbnail.pngData ownership is a trending topic of discussion, especially in the insurance industry. Thought-leadership representation from an agency, a carrier, and a technology provider explore this question from all three industry areas. 

Webinar Resources:  HawkSoft Data Ownership Whitepaper


ACT/IVANS - Less is More: An Agents Guide to Technology

IVANS - Less is More Thumbnail.pngMany agents are assessing how they can do more with less. Less office space, less transactions, less paper.

Agents and insurers share how using digital technology and automation has dramatically changed their operations and relationships with each other and clients for the better.

Webinar Resources IVANS Interactive Resource Hub   IVANS Blog Post - Less is More When Agents Go Digital


ACT/IVANS - Less is More: Best Practices from Digital Agents

IVANS - Less is More - Digital Thumbnail.pngRemote working is here to stay so agents must adopt the tools necessary to function effectively. 

Hear directly from a panel of agents on how they're doing more with less by using digital technology and automation.

Webinar Resources: IVANS Interactive Resource Hub

  IVANS Blog Post - Less is More When Agents Go Digital


ACT/IVANS - Less is More: Technology in 2022

IVANS - Less is More - Digital Thumbnail.pngWant to know more about APIs, Blockchain, Cybersecurity? 

Hear from ACT's Executive Director and Program Manager as they enlighten you about technology solutions to help as you design your organization's digital strategy. 

Webinar Resources: IVANS Interactive Resource Hub


 ACT/Liberty Mutual & Safeco Part I - What 2020 Taught us About the Customer Experience

LM Thumbnail - CX.png

2020 forced every industry to quickly adapt, and ours is no exception. This webinar series discusses three distinct insurance areas affected and how to address them. 

In this first session, industry professionals and agent panelists focus on why it's more important than ever to exceed customer expectations and how you can do that. 

Use This Passcode with the Link Below: @X8^bYt6 (If you have any difficulties playing the recording in Chrome - try another browser type - Edge, etc)


ACT/Liberty Mutual & Safeco Part II - How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Work and Where

LM Thumbnail - Remote Work.png2020 forced every industry to quickly adapt, and ours is no exception. This webinar series discusses three distinct insurance areas affected and how to address them. 

In this second session of the series, agents discuss how they effectively and efficiently manage their teams remotely with the use of readily available technology. 

Use This Passcode with the Link Below: 0jR6t#9.

(If you have any difficulties playing the recording in Chrome - try another browser type - Edge, etc)


2020 Fundamentally Changed Three Key Insurance Areas - Learn Why You Absolutely Must Address Them Now Part III.pngACT/Liberty Mutual & Safeco Part III - How We're Working Today Has Increased Your Agency's Cyber Security Risk

Part III of our series on How 2020 Fundamentally Changed Insurance.

Hear from a panel of industry experts on ways to mitigate the increased cybersecurity risks brought on by the pandemic. Use This Passcode with the Link Below: d6?v%%4G (If you have any difficulties playing the recording in Chrome - try another browser type - Edge, etc)


ACT/Agentero Webinar - The Power of Your Customer's Data

Agentero Thumbnail.png

Join Ron Berg, ACT's Executive Director, and ACT member Ido Deutsch from Agentero as they examine how to use your agency's data to understand your customer's needs while increasing retention and customer satisfaction. 

Webinar Resources: ACT__Agentero - The Power of Your Customers Data-2021Feb10 - FINAL.pdf click-here-to-register-button.png

"A Year In Tech" - Series presented by Big "I" Agent Development*

Beth-Ziesenis-looking-up-print-square.jpg.crdownloadBeth Z. "Your Nerdy Best Friend" delivers six technology-based presentations that provide valuable information, insight, and resources right at your fingertips. 

  * Big 'I' member log-in required 


Remote Workforce Series:

Remote Work.png Session 1: Remote Workforce - Q&A With the Experts

True experts Dr. Sharon Emek and Rick Morgan from Work At Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE) share their years of expertise by hosting a special 'Q&A' session, answering key questions on remote work best practices. 

 Session Resources: ACT Remote Work Best Practices

Remote Work Image.png Session 2: Remote Workforce - Implementing a Healthy, Secure Environment

Bill Larson and Judi Newman of NetGen Consulting help agency leadership & staff understand and address cybersecurity areas most at risk while working from multiple locations.

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