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ACT Webinars

Find upcoming live and recorded webinars below.


ACT/IVANS Webinar - Less is More: An Agents Guide to Technology

Now that remote working is here to stay, agents must adopt the tools necessary to function effectively in this new normal. Adopting technology can rid the burden of paper, give staff the information they need to be effective no matter where they are working, and connect agencies with insurer partners and insureds quickly and simply.

In this webinar moderated by ACT’s executive director Ron Berg, you’ll hear directly from a panel of agents and insurers on how they’re doing more with less by using digital technology and automation.

Webinar Resources:   IVANS Interactive Resource Hub

                                IVANS Blog Post - Less is More When Agents Go Digital


ACT/Agentero Webinar - The Power of Your Customer's Data

Join Ron Berg, ACT's Executive Director and ACT member Ido Deutsch from Agentero as they examine how to use your agency’s data to understand your customer’s needs while increasing retention and customer satisfaction.  

Webinar Resource: ACT__Agentero - The Power of Your Customers Data-2021Feb10 - FINAL.pdf

"A Year In Tech"

Series presented by Big "I"  Agent Development

Beth Z.  "Your Nerdy Best Friend" delivers six technology-based presentations that provide valuable information, insight and resources right at your fingertips. 

* Big "I"  member log-in required


Remote Workforce Series:

Session 1: Remote Workforce - Q&A With the Experts

True experts Dr. Sharon Emek and Rick Morgan from Work At Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE) share their years of expertise by hosting a special 'Q&A' session, answering key questions on remote work best practices. 

 Session Resource: ACT Remote Work Best Practices

Session 2: Remote Workforce - Implementing a Healthy, Secure Environment

Bill Larson and Judi Newman of NetGen Consulting help agency leadership & staff understand and address cybersecurity areas most at risk while working from multiple locations.


Lightning Learning; Cyber Issues &  Your Independent Agency  

This Big "I" Virtual University Lightning Learning series features three 20-minute sessions including:

       Part One: It's a Cyber World

In this session, learn about the ever-changing and accelerating world of cybercrime.  Participants will gain an understanding of the escalation of worldwide cyber threats and incursions, and drill down to the very real threats against small business owners in the independent agent distribution channel.  We'll also cover potential costs, from prevention and post-breach standpoints.  

Part Two: Cyber Hygiene as a Regulatory Requirement
In the emerging regulatory environment for cyber prevention, agents and brokers need to understand what is required of them nationally, and from the states in which they do business.  Participants in this session will learn more about:

  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley

  • NY DFS

  • The NAIC Model Law

  • Emerging state online privacy laws

Part Three:  Real Cyber Resources to Get Started and Stay Prepared
Admittedly, knowing where to start on something as complex as a cyber hygiene program is key.  Participants in this session will learn more about the Agents Council for Technologys Agency Cyber Guide, and how it provides clear background, details on regulations, and resources to address cyber regulations.


The Customer Experience Journey

Presenter: Claudia McClain, ACT Customer Experience Work Group Chair and Founder of McClain Insurance Services

Learn about ACTs latest technology resource and unravel the Customer Experience Lifecycle. During this 30-minute webinar, you will navigate through the 6 steps that make or break a customer's experience. The presentation provides a heightened focus on the technology touch points customers have grown to expect while interacting with you, their independent agent. 

Take a self-guided tour of this new resource here! 



  • Is your Agency Mobile-Friendly?
  • Got Video? Using Video to Drive Growth and Retention
  • Contractual Agreements: Privacy and Data Breach
  • The Center for Internet Security and ACT Present Cyber Hygiene
  • Small Commercial Rating Advocacy for Consistency & Usability 
To access these recordings, CLICK HERE.

  Is Your Agency Mobile - Friendly?

Presented live Wednesday, August 16 2017

Mobile is the gateway between you, your clients and prospective clients! This webinar, presented by Matt Aaron from Insurance Agent Mobile Application shares the top 10 reasons mobile is vital to your agency's future. During this webinar you will learn all you need to know about what's happening on the mobile platform, and why your agency needs to harness it's utility now verses later.

If your agency is ready to raise its game and embrace how mobile is a key driver of growth, engagement, productivity and retention, you don't want to miss this webinar!  

Click here to view recording. 

​ Got Video? Using Video to Drive Growth and Retention

Presented live Tuesday, May 16, 2017
This webinar, presented by Mike Demko, Founder of My Insurance Videos, and the Agents Council for Technology (ACT) , gives insights on how to creatively increase sales and retention within your agency through the use of videos! During the webinar you will learn:
  • How videos can increase your sales
  • The types of videos you should set up first    
  • The best way to share videos with customers
  • Tips from agents using video  
  • A quick and easy solution for agents who don't have time to create their own videos
Click here to view the recording.

​ Contractual Agreements: Privacy and Data Breach

Presented live Tuesday, February 7, 2017
This webinar, presented by Judi Newman and Bill Larson, highlights important concepts discussed in a recent ACT whitepaper, Insurance Company Agency Agreement Language that Could Drain Your Agency Assets, focused on guiding agencies through privacy, security and data breach as it relates to GLBA, FCRA, FACTA, HIPAA, and HITECH mandates. You will leave this webinar with a better understanding of contractual compliance as it pertains to state and federal laws, reducing your financial liability risks within your company contracts.
Click here to view the webinar recording.  

 Improving Cyber Security in 4 Simple Steps

Presented live October 25, 2016
ACT is partnering with the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to offer a set of 'Cyber Hygiene' tools to help agencies count, configure, control and patch all software, hardware, and security-related aspects of agency business. Learn about these exciting security tools so that you have the necessary plans in place to protect your valuable agency hardware and data.
Click here to view the webinar recording

Small Commercial Rating – Advocacy for Consistency & Usability

Presented live October 18, 2016

The ACT Small Commercial Rating work group focuses on driving cross-industry consistency and ease of use for agents using their management systems to get customer quotes for small commercial lines. During this 30 minute work group spotlight presentation, work group Co-Chairs, Jim Armitage and Susan LaBarre, talk about the work group’s goals and delve into their creation of a recently-released “Carrier Bridging Best Practices” document. This is a strategic template to create consistent workflows and ultimately increase overall utilization of small commercial rating using management system ‘bridging’ functionality.

Click here to view the webinar recording.


eSignature – ACT's Commitment to Drive Adoption

Presented live August 18, 2016

In this 30 minute work group spotlight presentation, ACT eSignature work group co-chairs Joyce Sigler and Nick Khamarji discuss how implementing eSignatures into your work flow not only saves time and expenses, but delivers the exceptional service our customers expect. We'll also talk about how the work group is driving acceptance of eSignatures across the industry, and how they are creating education and consistent workflows for independent agents. 

Click here to view the webinar recording.


"About ACT Webinar"

Presented live November 16, 2015

Do you want to learn about FREE technology resources and educational opportunities provided with your Big “I” membership? Do you want to connect with an industry-leading think tank that focuses on emerging trends and the customer experience? The Agents Council for Technology (ACT) provides all this and more! During this 30 minute interactive webinar you will learn more about what ACT has to offer you and your agency staff.

Click here to view the webinar recording.


The Customer Experience Journey

 Presented live June 22, 2015

This webinar coveres background on the phases of customers' insurance-buying journey and which steps agents need to take in order to implement tech-related 'touchpoints' along the way, in order to meet their interaction expectations.  Presenters are Judy DeLaRosa (Chubb Insurance), Claudia McClain (McClain Insurance Services), and Ron Berg (ACT).

Click here to view the webinar recording.


"Best Practices" Recommendations for Electronic Delivery of Insurance Policies to Agents & Insureds

Presented live January 14, 2014

This recorded webinar focuses on the "best practices" recommendations developed by the ACT Policy Delivery Work Group and is geared for both an insurance carrier and agency audience.  The webinar covers electronic policy delivery by carriers to agencies and delivery of different types of policies by carriers and agencies to insureds.  The Presenters are Susan LaBarre (Liberty Mutual Insurance), Cindy Hurless (Central Insurance) and independent agents Bonnie Two Bears, Angie Gross and Joyce Sigler.

Download additional materials for the above recorded webinars here.  

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