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SanDiegoACTMeetingButton.jpgRegistration for the March ACT Meeting is now open!

Join us at the Westin Gaslamp Quarter Hotel in San Diego, California for another insightful meeting featuring the most current technology trends and agency best practices!  Please note this meeting is free for all Big "I" Member Agents. 


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*Get a recap of our last ACT Meeting!  


cybersecuritywebinar.JPGNow Featuring: New Webinar on Cybersecurity

Tune in to this 30-minute webinar that detailing critical cybersecurity issues that are facing every independent agent. This webinar will give you a clear understanding of the risks for non-compliance and a concise overview of all applicable security regulations. 


Now Available on On-Demand

  • Is Your Agency Mobile Friendly?
  • Using Video to Drive Growth & Retention
  • Contractual Agreements: Privacy and Data Breach
  • The Center for Internet Security and ACT Present “Cyber Hygiene”click-heregreen-button.png 

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November's Risk Advisory :::  Virtual/ Augmented/ Mixed Reality

This quickly evolving trend is in its infancy but has the potential to revolutionize the way insurance carriers and agents interact with their clients. . Use our brief advisory to drive strategic discussions to help move our industry forward!
(updated 02/02/18)


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The Customer Experience Work Group Recommendations 

The Customer Experience Work Group was formed to help agents understand various technology-related touch points insurance consumers experience across the “phases” of their insurance journey. The group worked to identify all potential touch points within each phase, and create recommendations for agent use.
(updated 10/06/17) 


Security Issues Pocket Guide                        

The ACT Security Issues Work Group has collected resources to help you protect your agency against tomorrow's threats.  Understand risks, discover solutions and check out the wealth of resources available. 
(updated 11/10/17) 


ACT Small Commercial Rating Carrier Best Practice Recommendations

Using input from ACT’s Small Commercial Rating work group, as well as input from identified ‘best practice’ carriers, ACT has compiled this Best Practices Recommendations document for bridging Small Commercial information to carriers for quoting. The goal for this document to assist with increased Bridging adoption among agents in using carrier portals and ultimately help carriers become the ‘carrier of choice’ of their agents.  
(released 8/20/16)


ACT 2015 Hard Trends.jpgThe SFI Work Group has completed an exhaustive update of the major 'Hard' trends - those that will impact the way we do business and serve our customers. The report also extends into a "Must Do" list which will drive key actions needed by ACT work groups as well as other industry programs.
(Released 2/2016)