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Condo Cases of Crime and D&O Defects

Author: Karen O'Connor Corrigan

Cases of criminal embezzlement in community associations are undeniable, and the crimes range in boldness and severity. D&O policy defects can leave your condo clients uninsured.

In this 36-page Big "I" Virtual University Risk & Reality Report, author Karen O'Connor Corrigan
 reveals true tales of some pretty twisted minds and tells you what you can do to protect your condo clients by building a better fidelity policy. Educational objectives of this report include:

Understanding the many facets of fidelity insurance critical to condos including the newest coverage that protects condo Boards from trickery
- Learning whether or not a property management company should carry their own fidelity insurance or be covered under the condo's policy
- Uncovering D&O policy exclusions to avoid
- Finding out the types of claims covered under a broad D&O policy

Check out this Risk & Reality Report's Table of Contents.


What is a Big "I" Virtual University Risk & Reality Report?

Our Risk & Reality Reports are white papers adapted from various Big "I" Virtual University webinars and articles written by some of the industry's leading experts.

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