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Getting the named insured correct is critical because if you've done this wrong, there may be no coverage at all for that policy you just wrote. [more]
Massachusetts highest court refuses to expand coverage beyond “DBA” in named insured, resulting in no coverage for $14m consent judgment in April 2022. Read on to learn more. [more]
Does the breath of coverage depend on the inclusion or exclusion of the assumed business name, the DBA? Well, the answer isn’t as clear as you might think. [more]
As ridiculous as it sounds, the entity being sued has to be an insured to garner any protection from the commercial general liability policy. [more]
Should DBAs or T/As (trade names) be listed on the CGL? Do they have to be listed? Adjusters have told some agents that the misnaming of a trade name endangers coverage. This is not true! Find out why. [more]
The ISO CGL policy includes real estate managers as insureds in the Who Is An Insured section. Why? [more]
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