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There is a good chance that you or someone you know got a drone aircraft for Christmas. For many, the learning curve on controlling drones can be steep. What happens if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property? What if you teenager intentionally causes harm? What if you or your teen is sued for invasion of privacy? Do ISO HO policies cover these claims?
Travelers sometimes damage hotel rooms. Unless they’re rock starts, they probably do it accidentally, for example, by hanging a clothing item on a sprinkler head. The question is whether they have coverage under an HO policy if their stay is personal or under a CGL policy if they’re on business. The difference in coverage and the potential for loss may surprise you.
Is there liability coverage for a camper trailer while used at a camp site? Is that an insured location? Does the motor vehicle exclusion apply?
Concealed weapon and other gun laws seem to be proliferating around the country. Sooner or later, an insured or prospect is going to ask you if their insurance covers them if they should shoot an alleged burglar or assailant in self-defense. How would you respond to such questions?
An insured owns a home on the water and he has a floating dock anchored next to a buoy approximately 150 feet from shore. He wants to know if the ISO HO-3 policy will cover liability arising out of the use of that dock.
An increasing variety of motorized vehicles are being used to assist the elderly and handicapped in gaining mobility away from their residences. The question is, do they have any homeowners coverage for these vehicles?
Insuring damage to residential solar panels is not particularly difficult and depends largely on whether they’re mounted on or away from the dwelling. However, the liability exposure where the homeowner sells excess electricity production to the utility company can be difficult to assess and cover. This situation can arrive from other means of electricity production, including hydroelectric and wind power.
What are the coverage implications if insureds rent their homes during an event? This came up in Atlanta in 1996 with the Olympics, in Jacksonville in 2005 for the Super Bowl, and in Washington DC in 2009 for the presidential inauguration. For recurring events like the Indy 500, Kentucky Derby, etc., the question is more common.
The insured has a garage apartment located on the residence premises. The insured uses one stall of the garage and tenant uses the other and resides upstairs. The company underwriter says an endorsement has to be attached in order to have liability coverage for the garage apartment. The agent doesn't believe the rental is a business as defined in the policy and therefore is not excluded under Section II. Right or wrong?
Your child comes down with swine flu while a friend is staying with him over the weekend. The child's parents sue you when he is hospitalized with swine flu. An obviously sick guest at your party allegedly infects another guest with swine flu and you're sued. Does your HO policy cover either, neither, or both of these claims?
The chances are good that someone in your household or that of your customers is downloading music or other types of files from iTunes or other online services. It is also possible that someone is using a file sharing program to download files illegally. Are the increasing number of lawsuits against consumers covered by a homeowners policy?
Many contracts, which homeowners sign routinely and without trepidation, are risky because they contain clauses that require the customer to “indemnify” or “hold harmless” the service provider for BI or PD. These contracts vary from house cleaning to rental of a chain saw. Does the HO policy cover such contractual liability?
Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel were convicted of murder and involuntary manslaughter, respectively, for the January 2001 mauling of Diane Whipple by their dogs. In this article, we'll use four actual claims to explore the insurance implications of dog attacks under the ISO Homeowners and Personal Auto policies.
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