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  • Contractual Agreements: Privacy and Data Breach
  • The Center for Internet Security and ACT Present “Cyber Hygiene”
  • Small Commercial Rating – Advocacy for Consistency & Usability 
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CNoR.jpg    ACT 'Risk Advisories' - 05/17/17

The Changing Nature of Risk work group focuses on reviewing the topics that will impact risk – P2P, the Sharing Economy, Drones, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and others – and determining responses needed by our industry.  

This group group has begun creating ‘Risk Advisories’; short, focused advisories on each topic - defining the trend, importance, implications, economic impacts, recommended actions, and resources for more information.  These Advisories are intended to drive strategic discussions among all industry leaders, resulting in accelerated distribution channel movement forward. 

The 'Risk Advisories' are located on the 'Changing Nature of Risk' web page - Check out our latest Advisory on the Internet of Things!


    ACT 'Small Commercial Rating 'Carrier Best Practices' Recommendations -


Using input from ACT’s Small Commercial Rating work group, as well as input from identified ‘best practice’ carriers, ACT has compiled this Best Practices Recommendations document for bridging Small Commercial information to carriers for quoting. The goal for this document to assist with increased Bridging adoption among agents in using carrier portals and ultimately help carriers become the ‘carrier of choice’ of their agents.  


ACT 2015 Hard Trends.jpgFeb, 2016
The SFI Work Group have completed an exhaustive update and enhancement of the major 'Hard' trends - those that will impact the way we do business and serve our customers.

The Hard Trends document also extends into a "Must Do" list which will drive key actions needed by ACT work groups such as Customer Experience, Security Issues, and Mobile, as well as other industry programs such as the IIABA Diversity Task Force.  
   Click the graphic above or HERE to access the report.

ACT Security Issues Pocket Guide & Summary Guides - 2015 Jul  (updated 12/11/16) 

How do you best protect your agency from cyber threats and prepare your agency to recover should disaster strike? The ACT Security Issues Work Group  has collected the following resources to help you protect your agency against tomorrow's threats.  Understand risks, discover solutions and check out the wealth of resources available.

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ACT Customer Experience Work Group Recommendations 

Initial release 2015 Feb

         (updated 03/06/17) 

The Customer Experience Work Group was formed to help agents understand various technology-related touch points insurance consumers experience across the “phases” of their insurance journey – Discover, Evaluate, Purchase, Experience, Renew/Leave and Advocacy Choice. The group worked to identify all potential touch points within each phase, and create recommendations for agent use.

. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

No More Paper Policies - 2015 Jan

There’s been movement to eliminate the agent copy of personal lines policies - Most agencies do not receive a physical “agent’s” copy of a policy anymore. ACORD 'Activity Notification' messages are used today by a number of companies to send copies of policies to their agents.

E&S JWG - Let's Get Together and Share Data - 2014 Nov

The E&S business provides vital insurance protection for businesses and individual clients around the globe. The sector is diverse, specialized and dispersed -- as a result, it’s been slower than the IA distribution channel in adopting standards and data sharing. But not for long. This article shows the areas the E&S Joint Working Group is focusing on driving momentum.

Top 10 Carrier-Agency Technology Agreements Recommendations - 2014 Oct 
Ron Berg, ACT
The ACT Tech Agreements Work Group has taken a fresh look at carrier-agency contracts, focusing on emerging and existing technology and security aspects.  The result is an updated recommendations document with guidelines for carriers, and insight for agents and brokers.

Connecting Agents with Download Opportunities - 2014 Sep
Paul Warga, IVANS 
To increase efficiency and save valuable time, agents and brokers strive to use download to the fullest extent possible.  Reports from your vendors can highlight lines of business available for download that you may not be aware of.  This ACT article on the IVANS 'Connections Project' details the tools available to help your agency enable your full suite of download possibilities.


Electronic Signatures and the Independent Agency System-- 3 Part Series - 2014 Aug
Ron Berg, ACT
In this series of articles from ACT, we are providing insights on the benefits and ROI of eSignatures – for carriers, technology providers, as well agents and brokers. 

eSignature for Agents | eSignature for Vendors | eSignature for Carriers 

SignOn Once - 2014 Jul
Ron Berg, ACT
SignOn Once is a collaborative industry effort to create a safe and standard way to secure ID/password authentication.  This solution is not specific to any individual carrier or vendor, the aim is to get as many parties participating so that independent agents reap the benefits of one potential single ID and password set.


Great Agency Websites - 2014 Jun 
Marty Agather,
This white paper states the case for effective and dynamic agency website presence. Discover strategies for effecitve design, attracting visitors, and encouraging action. This whitepaper provides an overview of the skills required, and options available to independent agents to help them create an effective agency strategy.

ACT: A Decade of Progress with Enormous Opportunities Ahead 
Jeff Yates, ACT
Jeff Yates, former executive director of ACT discusses the significant progress that ACT and the industry have made with technology over the last thirteen years and provides his thoughts on taking ACT to the next level, as well as on the future for independent agents and brokers.


Electronic Policy Delivery -- A Game Changer
Susan LaBarre, CPCU, AU, AIM, PMP, Liberty Mutual  
The insurance industry is a paper hog. I dare say that insurance carriers probably generate and distribute more paper than any other industry, second only to publishers of books, magazines and newspapers. But even publishers are migrating more and more towards electronic platforms, and carriers are adapting, too.     

Tools that Enhance Claims Information & Efficiency for Independent Agents & Brokers
Donna J. LaGoy AIT, ACE, Applied Systems
Several tools are now available to agents that can streamline their claims processes significantly and enable them to automatically download claims information. The author demonstrates how an agency can fit each of these tools together to create more efficient claims workflows. The article also points out the critical role agents play in advocating for their carriers and vendors to provide these tools and then to implement them in their agency. 
The Time is Now for Commercial Lines Real-Time Rating
Thad Bauer, IVANS Insurance Solutions
Agencies using commercial lines real-time rating are saving enormous numbers of keystrokes and time. This article shows the progress that is being made in commercial lines real-time rating and how agencies and carriers can implement it today successfully. The industry’s Real Time/Download Campaign has identified increased implementation of commercial lines real-time rating as one of its two key priorities for 2014. The article makes a great case that now is the time for agencies and carriers to implement the technology and for agencies to start to use it today with any carrier that has it available.