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Tect Trends and Resources for the Independent Agent

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for the week of Jun 24

Insight + Analysis for the Independent Agent

Free Best Practices Webinar Series Begins July 30
For snack-size information that can help get your agency started on the road to operational success, register for the free Best Practices for Agency Operations webinar series.
Coalition Adds 5 More States to Admitted Lineup
Coalition's admitted cyber product is now available in MD, MO, NJ, NY and TX.
Navigating New Hire Background Checks
​Once you've found a good candidate for your open position, it is time to run a background check, which should be tailored for the position and handled consistently for all applicants.
Big ‘I’ Markets Announces Progressive Market Expansion
Members in all states except Alaska, Hawaii and Michigan can now access Progressive for personal and commercial auto, watercraft, and recreational vehicles.
Join Us at the 2019 Fall Leadership Conference
Register the Big “I" Fall Leadership Conference, to take place Sept. 11-15 in Savannah, Georgia.
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