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When you partner with Invest, you are helping to develop the next generation of insurance recruits as well as insurance consumers. Invest provides numerous resources at no cost to teach insurance and career fundamentals in high schools and community colleges across the nation.



With more than 60% of the insurance industry retiring in the next seven years, we need to attract new talent now. Invest is a talent pipeline, introducing students to careers in insurance in high school. 

Invest offers textbooks (both hardcopy and eBook), detailed lesson plans, presentations, videos and quizzes that support traditional classroom learning. Topics can include what to look for in a policy, auto insurance issues, operating an insurance agency, and even descriptions of a variety of exciting insurance roles like investigations, fraud, technology and marketing.

Along with classroom activities, guest speakers are available for career days at your school. Should a student decide to pursue a career in insurance after they graduate, one of these insurance professionals can mentor their journey. Many Invest grads become eligible for internships and even entry-level positions.

Students gain real-life experience to enter insurance, risk management or any other career after graduation. Those who wish to go to college to study insurance-related subjects or obtain their state insurance license can apply for an Invest scholarship to help with their initial education-related expenses.

For more information or to find a program near you, go to and click on your state on the map at the bottom of the screen or contact our Program Coordinator.

Invest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating, preparing, and attracting diverse new talent to exciting insurance opportunities and career paths.

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