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Young Agents

The Big "I" Young Agents provide education, networking, and community for young insurance professionals and newer agency owners. We support young agent programs in 48 states and nationally, we host the Young Agents Leadership Institute, providing sales and leadership training.  

Sales and leadership 

Leading Gen Z: Its a Millennial Thing
Gen Z is challenging the workforce to think differently every day. As millennial leaders, we must listen and learn to understand their thought processes and motivations.

How to Approach the Most Difficult Person to Lead at Your Agency
The most challenging person you will ever lead is you. No other person you lead will have a bigger impact on your business. Here are four ways to become a better leader by leading yourself. Playback: Developing Winning Growth Strategies with Brent Kelly

4 Leadership Principles You Need to Grow Your Agency
Insurance has been influenced by both positive and negative leadership over the years. And with todays changing technology and younger workforce, strong leadership is more important now more than ever before.

Bringing the Next Generation into the Fold  
Time and again, I hear that our industry lacks young talent. I read that millennials are entitled, and I watch people characterize insurance agencies as dull. I beg to differ with it all.

Perpetuation for Young Professionals
Check out our recorded webinar presented by InsurBanc to get strategies to help you be part of the perpetuation process. INSURBANC.pptxSlides  

Starting an agency from scratch is possible, but can be very challenging. Owning an agency gives you the ability to be your own boss, have the satisfaction of helping people protect their valuables and investments, as well as provides you with good income potential for many years to come. 


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