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New Training Series for Startup Agencies and New Agency Owners

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The Big “I" Diversity Council continues to connect with startup agencies across the country to learn about the challenges they face within their new businesses. One of the main obstacles that is consistently brought up is the inability to gain appointments with top carriers. That pain point paved the way for the Right Start Training Series: An Agency Toolkit to Grow Your Business and Build Carrier Loyalty. This four-part training helps developing agencies better position themselves for carrier appointments by showing them how to enhance their business operations, increase employee productivity, build carrier relationships, and establish agency goals.

The Right Start Training Series is now available on-demand!


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Part One  Your Agency Operating Style 

  • Understanding Your Agency Operating Style
  • Identifying Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats 
  • Developing Your Agency's Value Proposition 

Part Two  Employees, Your Key to Increased Productivity 

  • Evaluate Employee Job Design
  • Determine Growth Goals
  • Utilize Tracking and Reporting

Part Three Developing Strong Carrier Relationships 

  • Prepare for Key Discussions with Company Representatives
  • Understand the Carrier Agency Appointment Process
  • Learn How to Best Use Company Production Records

Part Four Yearly Planning and Agency Goal Setting 

  • Establish a Process for Setting Goals
  • Build Carrier Loyalty
  • Utilize Retention, Rounding and Referrals


Your Agency's Success Starts with You (2).png We will start our next mentorship program for underrepresented developing agency owners soon! More information here.

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