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Best Practices

Lean on research from the industry's top performing agencies for strategies to improve the quality and capabilities of your employees so they can do the best job for your clients. See where your agency stacks-up and tap into our studies, education and resources to set the course for success.
Guide to Producer Contracts
Every producer in the agency should have a written, signed contract with the agency, which serves as the basis of the business relationship. The contract defines the ownership of the
business produced, and the responsibilities and obligations of the parties, and it also provides the agency with legal recourse to discourage piracy of produced business. Contracts can both
negatively and positively affect the value of an agency. The Guide to Producer Contracts can help.


Best Practices Agency Feature

4 Lessons From the Best Practices Study To Thrive in 2021

Cash Flow: Is It Killing Your Agency?
RDWebinarMoney.jpgA Best Practices for Agency Operations Webinar.

Many agencies financially focus on one thing, the income statement. While profitability and growth are very important, you can't forget the balance sheet. 2020 has been anything but normal and put many agencies in a cash pinch; they've had to consider how much working capital they have and ultimately need. 

RD Advisory Group presents a free on-demand webinar that can help walk you through what you need to know as their advisors encourage agencies to build financial awareness that incorporates the agency's balance sheet. Because you can't rely solely on a bank statement to measure your cash position and it's not profitability that put's agencies out of operation… it's cash. See all webinars here.

About Reagan Consulting
RDAdvisoryGroupLogo.jpegFor almost 30 years, Reagan Consulting has been the trusted partner in Best Practices research, producing the Best Practices report annually. 
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How to Make the Most of the Best Practices Research

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