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Best Practices

Are You Working In Your Agency or On Your Agency?
  • Coming Soon - Announcement of 2022 Best Practices Agencies
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    See 2021 here 

  • Three Years of Best Practices Data
    Benefit from three years of benchmarking data and informative white papers with the Best Practices bundle. Order the 2019, 2020 and 2021 bundle today. Order 2021 Update standalone here.

  • Compare Your Year-End Results to Best Practices Agencies
    The 2021 Agency Comparison Workbook is a free Excel download that allows you to compare your recently completed year-end results with results obtained by Best Practices Agencies and calculate performance gaps between the two.



Best Practices Agency Feature

Last month Inclusion in Action sat down with InsureFit RM President and national Big "I" Diversity Council member, Mel Evans.

Guide to Producer Contracts

Every producer in the agency should have a written, signed contract with the agency, which serves as the basis of the business relationship

Pathways to Agency Ownership

Whether you are ready to retire and want to pass your agency down to the next owner, or you want to own an agency in the future, it takes proper planning to ensure a profitable and operationally sound transition.

About Reagan Consulting

For almost 30 years, Reagan Consulting has been the trusted partner in Best Practices research, producing the Best Practices report annually.

4 Lessons From the Best Practices Study

Four key areas in which independent agencies must go beyond day-to-day chaos to rethink their fundamental business operations.

Cash Flow: Is It Killing Your Agency?

Many agencies financially focus on one thing, the income statement. While profitability and growth are very important, you can't forget the balance sheet

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Help with Producer Contracts Is Here
BetterTogether: Strategy & Sales Velocity
How to Make the Most of the Best Practices Research

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