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Agency Perpetuation

Whether you are ready to retire and want to pass your agency down to the next owner, or you want to own an agency in the future, it takes proper planning to ensure a profitable and operationally sound transition. Most importantly, this transition takes timetime for the incoming owner to build relationships, grow their leadership skills and operational knowledge but also time for the retiring insurance professional to share a legacy and growth strategies for many years to come. Be sure to bookmark this page as resources will continue to be updated.

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Current Agency Owners: Succession Planning

When you are swept up into day-to-day agency ownership, it may be hard to find time to plan for a profitable exit from your agency. And, while retirement may seem far away, a good sound plan takes years of preparation. From finding and opening the door for the new candidate to valuation and succession planningpassing on your agency is hard, but so rewarding when done right. 

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Passing the Torch: Perpetuation Perspectives and Preparedness

Passing the Torch: Perpetuation Perspectives and Preparedness

Newer agency owners and industry experts share stories of growth, successed and challenges, and how they made the most of the profitable, life-changing transition that is agency ownership.


Preparing for Successful Agency Succession

Preparing for Successful Agency Succession

Planning for perpetuation can be one of the most difficult and emotional decisions agency owners must make. Listen in for sage advice on all the factors that can ensure a successful transition of agency's ownership and how to begin the conversation with all stakeholders.


Updating Your Perpetuation Plan

Updating Your Perpetuation Plan

Navigating private ownership looks much differently than it did in 2010. What changed over the past 10 years and how can you internally perpetuate with today's multiples? Brian Deitz from Reagan Consulting shares how you can grow your agency and retain your independence. A Best Practices for Agency Operations Webinar.


Perpetuation: with InsurBanc

Perpetuation: with InsurBanc

Benefit from the experience of InsurBanc as they discuss perpetuation from a Young Agent perspective, including M&A activity, interest rate activity, financial considerations, buyers vs. sellers, first steps to take and much more.


Future Agency Owners: A Pathway to Ownership

Whether starting a scratch agency or buying into an established local agency, the pathway to ownership is yours to make. But, with the Big "I", you may be independent, but you are never alone. We've got resources to help you master operations, find financing, lead intentionally and gain carrier appointments. What's more, is our community has stories to tell and will share them with you!

 The Big "I" Has Your Back

New to Insurance? What does an Independent Insurance Agency Do?

Do you like the idea of being in charge? If that's appealing, consider starting your own independent insurance agency.

Learn More

Buying an Insurance Agency

Perhaps you've been hoping to run your own insurance agency, but you'd prefer not to have to start one from scratch. Fortunately, there’s an option: Buy an established agency.

Learn More

Startup and New Agency Owner Training

The Right Start Training Series is an on-demand 4-part webinar program that prepares agency owners to grow their business and covers operations, employees, carrier relationships and yearly planning.

Learn More

Scratch Agency Resources

Creating your own path to ownership from scratch is possible but can be challenging. Our How to Start an Independent Agency resource page can help, including how to obtain investment capital to agency access and management skills.

Learn More

Mentorship Program

The Right Start Agency Owner Mentorship program is a six-month series that helps underrepresented agency owners better position their agency for success to both gain and retain appointments with top carriers.

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Need More Help? Consultants and Resources


Share your agency goals and benefit from financing and web resources. InsurBanc understands independent agents and their business.

Reagan Consulting

Crafting a thorough, seamless perpetuation plan requires expert guidance. Benefit from knowledge of and experience with perpetuation methods provided by the Reagan Consulting team.

Chris Burand

Burand & Associates, LLC can help position your agency for a better future with education, info and insights.

RD Advisory Group, LLC

Custom leadership guidance, generational integration, new glass ceiling and Agency CFO program. RD Advisory Group offer candid conversations and want to play a vital role in helping an agency grow and prosper.

How to Start an Independent Agency

Owning an agency gives you the ability to be you own boss, have the satisfaction of helping people protect their valuables and investments, as well as provides you with good income potential for many years to come.

Your State Big "I" Association

Tap into your local state association for support, education and engagement on the perpetuation topic.

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