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Big "I" Cyber Resources

Handling sensitive information is now one of the most critical responsibilities faced by the modern insurance agency. This Guide will help you understand threats and create policies  and procedures to protect your agency from a cyber threat and prepare your agency for recovery should a threat occur, as well as ensure your agency is in compliance with all cyber regulations.

ACT Cyber Guide available for Big "I" Members and Agents 

How do you protect your agencies data? 

How do you best protect your agency's data from cyber threats?  The Agents Council for Technology has a step-by-step guide to help you mitigate risks, create policies and understand regulations.  

Cybersecurity and Data Breach Legislation

The Big "I" government affairs team keeps a finger on the pulse of cyber legislation important to your agency and your clients.

CIS/ACT 'Cyber Hygiene' Toolkits

Want to know how your cyber mitigation efforts stand-up to cybersecurity best practices? ACT teamed up with the Center for Internet Security ('CIS'), to create the Cyber Hygiene Toolkit.

Featured Webinar: Cybersecurity Made Simple

Featured Webinar: Cybersecurity Made Simple

3 Steps to Make Your Agency Cyber Secure and Compliant
Tune in to this 30-minute webinar focused on critical cybersecurity issues that are facing every independent agent. This webinar gives agents a clear understanding of the risks for non-compliance and a concise overview of all applicable security regulations. Agents will learn the top cybersecurity regulations and what they can do now to best comply with each regulation. Last year, Keeper Security and Ponemon reported that more than 50 percent of small and medium-sized businesses suffered a cyber attack. Take time to learn 3 steps you should take now to make your agency cyber secure and compliant.

Watch Here

How do Best Practices Agencies handle their tech?

Big "I" Markets, the online market access system available exclusively to Big "I" members, has partnered with Coalition, the leading technology-enabled cyber insurance solution, to give agents access to the cyber and technology errors & omissions insurance markets.

Coalition is the first insurance-enabled technology firm built to help businesses before, during and after a cyber incident. During the online quoting process, your client's network and web properties undergo an automated risk assessment to identify known issues and potential security weaknesses.

Once coverage is bound, Coalition provides ongoing monitoring for new and emerging threats specific to the information technology used by the insured, adding an extra layer of defense. All policies include this technology-driven approach which includes automated alerts, threat intelligence and ongoing policyholder monitoring along with a dedicated claims and security team should a breach occur.

Through the Big "I" Markets platform, any Big "I" member agency can quote and bind insurance online. Big "I" members also have direct access to Coalition's licensed agents and renowned cybersecurity experts via online chat throughout the sales and underwriting process. Watch our brief Coalition cyber insurance overview video and a demonstration of our streamlined cyber submission process to see how the quoting process works. 

Coalition is now admitted in many states providing agents with a one-stop shop to place coverage for small business as well as the most complex risks in the surplus arena. Limits up to $15M are available to U.S. risks generating less than $1B in revenue/gross profit. 

Log in to and select Cyber Insurance - Coalition. Valuable resources such as a Cyber Declination formClaims Examples, Coverage Examples, and What is MFA? can be found in the Product Resources section.  Don't delay, login today!  

Admitted Instant-Issue Product Available on Big "I" Markets 

Every business collects personal identifiable information (PII) like email addresses, phone numbers, credit card information and more, and all of it creates a cyber liability exposure. 

Imagine your commercial client loses a laptop or business smartphone, or one of its customers calls to say their credit card was improperly used after visiting your client's establishment. Who does that small business turn to now? 

The answer: Big "I" Markets. $200 solves this issue for most small businesses with fewer than 50 employees that is, if their independent agent has offered coverage through the Big "I" Markets Cyber Small Business Solution. 

Questions? Log in to Big "I" Markets and select Cyber Liability Small Business Solution from the Commercial Products menu, or email Carla McGee  


Cyber Makes Headlines in IA magazine

From the Front Lines: Cyber Liability

When it comes to cyber liability insurance, "You have to drill down and figure out specifically what risk each client has to be able to appropriately mitigate damage," says independent agent Jeffrey Miller. "I say 'mitigate' because it’s not if you have a cyber event, it’s when."

Why Restaurants Need Cyber Insurance Amid Pandemic

Restaurants shifting to online orders and digital payments in response to the coronavirus crisis are facing new exposures. Here are answers to four common questions about restaurants and cyberattacks.

The New Normal: 4 Perennial Cyber Threats

Yesterday’s cyber threat will not be tomorrow’s biggest danger. Here are four cyber risks to watch in 2020.

Cybersecurity for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

It's vital for insurance agents and brokers to counsel clients on the risks associated with the increasingly digital nature of business.

As Cyber Exposures Evolve, Insurance Solutions Follow Suit

In a market thats getting more competitive every year, carriers are choosing to claw for business by broadening coverage.

From the Front Lines: Cyber Liability

Independent agent Dan Weedin is noticing "volatility" in the cyber liability insurance market. "The risk and exposure is constantly changing and it's difficult to keep up with," he says. "We must stay up to date with the appropriate coverages for perils that might not exist today."

Top 5 Cyber Liability Insurance Concerns for Agents

There are a number of cyber insurance solutions for diverse industries. You need to know what to look for, when its important and for which industries. Here are things to consider in designing cyber liability coverage for your clients.

Cyber: Its Not Just for the Big Guys

Think your small commercial clients dont need cyber coverage? Think again.

Vulnerable and Oblivious: Cyber Risk in High Net-Worth Personal Lines

Given the potential payoff of hacking a company compared to an individual, it makes sense for personal lines clients to disregard cyber liability insuranceuntil you consider the high net-worth market.

Works of Smarts: How Hackable Are In-Home IoT Systems?

In addition to making more attractive targets for cybercriminals, high net-worth individuals have another risk factor that makes them particularly vulnerable to attack: They like their tech toys. 

5 Ways High Net-Worth Clients Can Protect Themselves from Cyber Risk

The insurance industry has been slow to respond to cyber exposures in personal lines. But until it does, individuals dont have to sit around waiting to become victimsthey can take matters into their own hands.

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