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Jul 06
Discover Your Cyber Insurance Sales Resources

Big "I" Markets, the online market access system available exclusively to Big “I" members, has partnered with Coalition, the leading technology-enabled cyber insurance solution, to give agents access to cyber and technology errors & omissions insurance markets. This partnership includes providing Big “I" Markets registered agents access to a multitude of sales, cybersecurity and educational resources.

Login to Big “I" Markets to access Coalition's quote dashboard and discover the following resources to help improve your understanding of cyber insurance, cybersecurity and the Coalition cyber program:

  • Specimen Forms
  • Client Ready Marketing
  • Case Studies
  • Claims Calculator
  • Training Videos
  • Pre-recorded Webinars
  • Coalition Questionnaire
  • Overview of Coverages
  • Overview of Coalition's Security
  • Cybersecurity Guide & Checklist
  • FAQs
  • Direct link to Coalition's Free Knowledgebase
    • General – about Coalition
    • Cyber insurance-explained – Learn about cyber insurance
    • Policy & Coverage – Learn about Coalition's policy and coverage options
    • Pricing – Learn how Coalition prices its policies and services
    • Claims – Learn how to file and manage claims with Coalition
    • Quotes – Learn the ins and outs of generating a quote
    • Policyholder Apps and Risk Assessments – Learn about the risk management apps available to policyholders
    • Cybersecurity Education – Learn step-by-step how to protect your business

Reach out to the Big “I" Markets Cyber Program Manager, Carla McGee, if you have any questions or would like to walk through a quote.

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