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Become a Best Practices Agency

Since 1993 the Best Practices Study has examined top performing agencies across the country.  For these agencies, inclusion provides the prestigious status of "Best Practices Agency" and opens the doors to many benefits.  The opportunity to be a part of process takes place every three years when the Big "I" and Reagan Consulting request agency nominations from state associations and company partners for a new group of agencies to be appointed and a part of the Best Practices research.
Understand the Process

A new group of Best Practices Agencies will be appointed in the summer of 2025 and will retain their status for a 3-year cycle. 
We will begin accepting agency nominations in August 2024 however you can indicate your interest in advance here.

The steps and timeline: 

  • Agency nominations accepted from carrier partners, state association and via self-nomination forms that provide references. August 2024 - January 2025

  • Nominated agencies are invited to participate. February 2025

  • Agencies that choose to participate submit detailed financial and operational information which is scored and ranked objectively. Responses to management and industry-related questions also requested with data.The nominated agencies must submit their data by a shared deadline. April 30, 2025

  • The top agencies in the six revenue categories are included, notified and deemed "Best Practices Agencies." Participants will be selected and notified by Reagan Consulting. June 2025

  • The Best Practices Agency names will be announced to the industry in September of the cycle year. Congratulations to our 2024 Agencies.

  • The Study results are released annually and the cycle that is closing includes the 2022, 2023 and 2024 reports. The next cycle will include 2025, 2025, 2027 with the first release in the 3rd Quarter 2025.

  • To retain status, each agency must submit year-end results annually. There is no other commitment. 

Be Ready to Participate

  • Know where you stand. Download and complete the "Comparison Spreadsheet." This workbook will allow you to compare your most recently completed year end results with the results obtained by the Best Practices Agencies and you can calculate performance gaps between the two. All information in the worksheet is found in the annual study.

  • Review the free on-demand webinars and understand more about Best Practices.

  • Purchase the current study for the narrative and detail on how Best Practices Agencies achieved their results and then benchmark.

  • Find your local Big "I" state association and let them know you'd like to be nominated to participate.

Reap the Benefits

  • All agencies that are nominated and submit their agency data receive an Agency Performance Analysis from Reagan Consulting valued at $495 even if they do not make the Best Practices Agency status.

  • Network with the best in the industry with an exclusive Invitation to the Best Practices Symposium taking place January 2026 in Austin, Texas.

  • Receive invitations to exclusive education sessions.

  • Benefit from national exposure through ads in trade publications.

  • Receive a wall plaque and color copy of the media ad indicating your agency with "Best Practices Agency" status

  • Utilize the provided media kit to announce status to clients, carriers, community, including a "Best Practices Agency" logo.

Videos, Infographics and Articles

VIDEO: Agent Insight - Benefits

How does it benefit an independent insurance agency to go through the Best Practices process?

VIDEO: Agent Insight - Education

What can be learned by going through the Best Practices process?

VIDEO: Agent Insight - How To Use

How can Best Practices help an independent insurance agency as a promotional and marketing tool?

VIDEO: History and Impact

How did Best Practices begin and what's been the impact on independent agencies?

VIDEO: Best Practices Process Explained

The information provided is based on the previous cycle timeframe but remains helpful explaining the process.

ARTICLE: Success Story: Gillman Insurance

Problem Solvers - A Best Practices Agency Story

ARTICLE: Why invest the time?

Considering the effort, why would an agency bother to do all this work?

GRAPHIC: Characteristics of a Best Practices Agency

Common themes are seen in Best Practices Agencies.

GRAPHIC: Agent Insight - Why?

VAST Agency shares why they are Big I Best Practices

FAQs: Questions and answers for an agency audience.

You have questions? See if the answer is here.

The purpose of Best Practices research is to compile the operating statistics of the country's leading agents and brokers and includes industry benchmarks related to operational information on growth, profitability, productivity and financial stability. 

Timeline At A Glance


  • Nomination process open: August 2024 - January 2025
  • Nominated agencies invited: February 2025
  • Participating agencies submit data by: April 30, 2025
  • Best Practices Agencies selected and notified: June 2025
  • Best Practices Agencies announced: Aug. 2025
  • 2025 Best Practices Study results released: Q3 2025
  • Best Practices Symposium: Austin, Texas; January 2026

Quick Tips

Contact your local Big I state association and let them know you'd like to be nominated to participate in the 2025 Best Practices Study process.
Going through the Best Practices process can be transformative. Take a look at a sample Agency Performance Analysis, a benefit provided to all who are nominated and participate, and consider the impact that this information can have on your agency operations.
Visit the Best Practices Gateway for program history, a list of supporting company partners and archives.

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