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Best Practices

Lean on research from the industry's top performing agencies for strategies to improve the quality and capabilities of your employees so they can do the best job for your clients. See where your agency stacks-up and tap into our studies, education and resources to set the course for success.

Best Practices Education Spotlight: Planning for the Future

The Best Practices for Agency Operations offers 15-minute webinars on topics important to future sucess. Check out these replays that focus on planning for the future.

Don't be one of the 55%-60% of firms that are not hiring enough producers to support your growth and perpetuation objectives. Purchase your current copy of the report and review the benchmarks in your agency revenue size and find your roadmap to sucess.

Help With Common Agency Issues
The Better Way Agency can help any agency tackle known issues and take steps towards acheving Best Practices levels of performance.

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Best Practices Crash Course

Overwhelmed by the wealth of data in the Best Practices Study? Focusing on three of the most valuable metrics can help your agency thrive.

Watch: Improvement Cycle 
If you've got 75 seconds we can help you dive into the Best Practices improvement process.

Simply setting the new business bar higher for your producers is a growth improvement strategy that may cost you nothing and yes, this includes agency owner-producers, too

On-Demand Education: What Do The Metrics Mean and How Can You Use Them
From metrics overview to a deep dive into perpetuation planning, find free recorded webinars and materials to help you take calculated steps to grow your agency. 

How to Make the Most of the Best Practices Research
New Agent Training

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