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YAC Award Winners

​​The Young Agents Committee of the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents

In recognition of the outstanding efforts of a state Young Agents Committee, to foster association growth and secure the future of the independent agency system 

Michigan earned YAC of the Year for the third year in a row and their long list of accomplishments speak volumes as to why they have been so succssful. To highlight just a few, the group:

  • Doubled their InsurPac goal in 2017 and sent seven young agents to the 2018 Big "I" Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.;
  • Increased the number of InVEST schools from only nine in 2013 to 48, a 433% increase in just five short years;
  • Raised more than $11,000 for PLEA (Professional Law Enforcement Association) to help support K9 units throughout the state; and
  • Raised more than $34,000 at their annual Young Agents Golf Outing, funds that go towards student scholarships, internships, and field trips.

​​The Young Agents Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Oregon

In recognition of the outstanding efforts of a state Young Agents Committee who has not submitted for an award in the last three years

A concerted effort was made in 2016 to revitalize the Oregon young agents program, and in just a short time, they have increased their state's young agent involvement dramatically. At the 2017 state convention, young agents launched a new YA tradition - a Putting Tournament - that raised more than $10,000 and the committee now plans to host at least 6 events each year. Committed to community involvement, Oregon young agents: held a collection drive for the Children's Book Bank collecting more than $200 and 200 books; collected cloting, blankets, toiletries, and more throughout the year for Rose Haven, a women and children's day shelter; and held other events during the GIVE Movement week for the Oregon Food Bank and Make-a-Wish.

The Young Agents Council of the Independent Insurance Agents of South Dakota

For outstanding achievement in promoting young agent participation in the legislative process 

South Dakota's young agents have identified political advocacy as the most important service provided by their state and national associations. Twelve young agents attended IIASD Legislative Open House giving these young leaders the opportunity to discuss bills with their legislators and make areal impact on the issues important to their industry. The state also surpassed their goal to increase PAC contributions by 200% and sent 9 young agents to the 2018 Big "I" Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

The Young Agents Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia

For outstanding achievement in promoting young agent involvement in InVEST 

Believing that the biggest contribution they can make is to give back to the industry by educating the next genration about what an independent agency can offer, InVEST has been a focal point for the Georgia young agents for many years. In 2018, they raised $3,500 for the InVEST scholarship program through their Wine Toss, opened new high school programs with an incredible 33% increase in south Georgia programs, and had four events throughout the year for students in the University of Georgia's Risk Management and Insurance program.

The Young Agents Committee of the Kansas Association of Insurance Agents   

For excellent achievement in recruiting and maintaining young agents participation in association activities 

Kansas young agents feel the biggest challenge facing the industry is perpetuation and that recruitment, retention, and mentorship are the only answers to this ongoing challenge. As such, young agents are now involved in their state association's membership recruitment process. They visit potential agent and company members, present at each education class giving attendees a chance to learn who the young agents are and what they're doing, and host monthly conference call to keep everyone engaged throughout the year.


The Young Agents Council of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents

For outstanding achievement in a state committee project that benefits the community, the insurance industry, and/or the independent agency system 

The Florida young agents were involved in numerous community service projects throughout the year. Folds of Honor, a charity helping to provide scholarships to family members who have lost a loved one during military service, is supported through a golf tournament held at the state's annual convention each year and a putt-putt golf tournament which raised more than $3,900 through company sponsorships and raffle donations. The group also incorporated a PB&J drive into the event collecting a jar of peanut butter and jelly as the cost of admission and were able to donate more than 500 jars to support the needs of homeless students in Brevard public schools.

The Young Agents Committee of the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina, Inc.

For excellence in providing and promoting an annual young agents meeting 

North Carolina launched a Young Agents Development Conference in 2016, and in 2017 hosted 74 agents, 45 company reps (with a waiting list!), and 21 RMI students - a 19% increase from 2016. The event is designed to help young agents build successful careers and offers tangible takeaways on key topics like sales, marketing, and leadership.

Jeremiah Gudding, Independent Insurance Agents of Nebraska

In recognition of a state liaison who has provided outstanding support and leadership to their state Young Agents program.

Jeremiah worked in conjunction with the state YAC chairperson to identify, engage, and lead young agents from across the state by dividing the state into four regions with a chapter leader in each region. The state's NExtgen group hosted 7 events during the past year, and due in large part to Jeremiah's marketing efforts,  attendance has increased dramatically at these events. A third of all attendees at the state's annual winter conference are now young agents.

Jesse Konold, Key Insurance, Inc., Mobridge, South Dakota 

In recognition of a young agent who provides exemplary service to their association, community, and the industry. 

Jesse exemplifies what it means to be a young agent leader. His leadership and involvement helped reignite the state's young agents program and his commitment to InsurPac resulted in a 200% increase in young agent contributions in 2017. He also was instrumental in earning South Dakota it's first ever Eagle Award and was instrumental in helping to develop InsurPac mobile and texting contribution options now being used by many states.

Membership: Kansas
Community Service: Florida
Meeting: North Carolina
Political Involvement: South Dakota
InVEST: Georgia
Breakthrough YAC: Oregon
YAC of the Year: Michigan
State Liaison: Jeremiah Gudding, Nebraska
Young Agent of the Year: Jesse Konold, South Dakota

Membership: Virginia, Massachusetts
Community Service: Illinois
Meeting: Alabama
Political Involvement: Kentucky
InVEST: Florida
Breakthrough: N/A
YAC of the Year: Michigan
State Liaison: Rita LaMoreaux, Michigan
Young Agent of the Year: Ryan Teubner, Oklahoma
Hall of Achievement: Illinois

Membership: Illinois
Communcations: Rhode Island
State Committee Project: North Carolina
Meeting: Illinois
Political Involvement: Georgia
InVEST: Georgia
Breakthrough: Texas
YAC of the Year: Michigan
State Liaison: Rachel Romines, Illinois
Young Agent of the Year:  Kelly Hume, Michigan   
Hall of Achievement: Georgia

Membership: Michigan
Communcations: Georgia
State Committee Project: Alabama
Meeting: Indiana
Political Involvement: Michigan
InVEST: Wisconsin
Breakthrough: Wisconsin
YAC of the Year: Florida
State Liaison: Mike Orrick, California
Young Agent of the Year: Lisa Lemanski, Michigan  

Membership: Rhode Island
Communcations: Massachusetts
State Committee Project: North Carolina
Meeting: Maine
Political Involvement: Florida
InVEST: Florida
Beakthrough: Rhode Island
YAC of the Year: Georgia 
State Liaison: Lyra Roberts, Oklahoma
Young Agent of the Year: Kelli Dean, Georgia

Membership: Georgia
Communcations: Georgia
State Committee Project: Arkansas
Meeting: Florida
Political Involvement: North Carolina
InVEST: Maine
Breakthrough: South Dakota
YAC of the Year:Michigan
State Liaison: Melissa Murphy, Massachusetts


Membership: Indiana
Communications: North Carolina
State Committee Project: Florida
Meeting: Arkansas
Political Involvement: IBA West
InVEST: Illinois

Breakthrough: Massachusetts 
YAC of the Year: Georgia
State Liaison: Shannon Churchill, Illinois


Membership: Indiana
Communications: IBA West
State Commitee Project: North Carolina
Meeting: Georgia
Political Involvement: Illinois
Breakthrough: Nevada
YAC of the Year: Michigan
State Liaison: John Carson, Georgia


Membership: Illinois
Communications: Indiana
State Commitee Project: Georgia
Meeting: IBA West
Political Involvement: North Carolina
Breakthrough: Idaho
YAC of the Year: Michigan
State Laison: Steve Duff, Indiana


Membership: Kentucky
Communications: Illinois
State Commitee Project: Indiana
Meeting: Indiana
Political Involvement: Georgia
YAC of the Year: Michigan
YAC Runner-up: North Carolina (this is the last year this award was presented)
State Liaison: Dan Fulwider, Iowa


Membership: Indiana
Communications: Indiana
State Commitee Project: Florida
Meeting: IBA West
Political Involvement: Georgia
YAC of the Year: North Carolina
YAC Runner-up: Michigan


Membership: Illinois
Communications: Michigan
State Commitee Project: Minnesota
Meeting: IBA West
Political Involvement: Illinois
YAC of the Year: North Carolina
YAC Runner-up: Alabama


Membership: Illinois
Communications: Georgia
State Commitee Project: Maine
Meeting: Michigan
Political Involvement: Kentucky
YAC of the Year: North Carolina
YAC Runner-up: IBA West


Membership: Georgia
Communications: Kentucky
State Commitee Project: Indiana
Meeting: IBA West
Political Involvement: Minnesota
YAC of the Year: Illinois
YAC Runner-up: Indiana


Membership: New Mexico
Communications: Michigan
State Commitee Project: Georgia
Meeting: IBA West
Political Involvement: Kentucky and North Carolina
YAC of the Year: Illinois
YAC Runner-up: Michigan

Who's in the running for the Hall of Achievement!

Earned: 2016


Achieved: state committee project, meeting
Needs: membership, political involvement

Achieved: state committee project, meeting
Needs: membership,  political involvement, InVEST

Achieved: communications, meeting, political inolvement
Needs: membership, community service, InVEST

Achieved: state committee project, meeting, political involvement, InVEST
Needs: membership

Earned: 2017

Achieved: membership development, communications, state committee project, meeting
Needs: political involvement, InVEST

Achieved: membership, communications, political involvement
Needs: state committee project, meeting, InVEST

Achieved: state committee project, InVEST, meeting
Needs: membership, political involvment

Achieved: communications, meeting, political involvement, membership
Needs: community service, InVEST

Achieved: state committee project, political involvement
Needs: membership,  meeting, InVEST

New Mexico:
Achieved: membership
Needs:  state committee project, meeting, political involvement, InVEST

North Carolina:
Achieved: communications, state committee project, political involvement
Needs: membership, meeting, InVEST

Rhode Island
Achieved: membership
Needs:  community service, meeting, political involvement, InVEST

Achieved: InVEST
Needs: membership, community service, meeting, political involvement

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