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Outstanding Young Agents Committee Awards


2020 was not normal—COVID changed how we do business and how we serve our young agent community. We had to quickly pivot, change how we connect, and most importantly, we had to innovate. While in normal years, the best practices we include in the awards application packet are a great guideline for building and maintaining young agent involvement, this past year had many of us doing things very differently. 

In the spirit of that innovation and creativity, the National Young Agents Committee will continue to recognize young agents committees in our usual categories—Political Involvement, Invest Supporter, Membership Development, Community Service, Young Agents Meeting, and YAC of the Year—but we will also recognize state young agents committees for how they innovated and continued to support young agents during the pandemic with the variety of state restrictions in place prohibiting in person gatherings with our new YAC Innovators Award.

We've seen your efforts—from virtual fundraisers and Zoom meetings with legislators to PPE distribution and annual conferences turned virtual lunch-and-learns—and we want to learn from and celebrate you!

This year, we are streamlining the awards application process and giving our state young agents committees flexibility by recognizing innovation AND honoring those who were able to stay on mission. 


What does all this mean?

  • If you would like to still be considered for a category award, fantastic! Please check the appropriate category box or boxes on the next to be considered for those awards.
  • NEW THIS YEAR: You will submit ONLY ONE ESSAY with your entire awards packet, so be thoughtful and thorough in telling your story, especially if you are applying to the category awards.
  • NEW THIS YEAR: The National Young Agents Committee will recognize select young agent committees for their INNOVATION in a year filled with unknowns with a new YAC Innovators Award.

Our Goal?

We want to help you cultivate and inspire the next generation of IA channel leaders, and this year, we believe that the most important thing we can do to help us achieve that goal is to celebrate your innovation and give you a young agent community where you can share ideas and opportunities.

What about the awards Best Practices guidelines?

The Best Practices guidelines at the bottom of the page offer great ideas on how you can continue to build the young agent community in your state.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

The Big I national Young Agents Committee is accepting applications from state committees for the Outstanding Young Agents Committee awards. Applications are due by July 1, 2021 - NO EXTENSIONS.


Tips for Applying for the YAC Awards

  • Start the Application EARLY!: Deadline for submissions is July 1, 2021, but to truly leverage the application as a best practices tool, use the checklists throughout the year.
  • Laser Focus: Be strategic and choose one or two awards to focus on based on the passion of the committee. This can be especially rewarding for revitalizing committees.
  • Create an Application Process: Decide who will contribute, draft, and review the application. Assign tasks and set hard deadlines for completion.
  • Tell Your Story: Don't be overwhelmed by the narrative. Simply share your successes and strategies and what made your committee proud. Utilize testimonials and numbers to elaborate on those ideas to support your story.
  • Take Your Time: Don't wait until the last minute and have one person rush through the application.

Things to Know About the YAC Awards


Outstanding Young Agent of the Year

  • The Big "I" national Young Agents Committee will recognize a young agent who provides exemplary service to their association, community, and the industry. State association staff, liaisons, and other agency professionals or carrier/vendor staff may make the nominations.
  • CLICK HERE to applyApplications are due by July 1, 2021 - NO EXTENSIONS.

Outstanding Young Agents Liaison of the Year

  • The Big "I" national Young Agents Committee will recognize a state liaison who has provided outstanding support and leadership to their state Young Agents program.
  • CLICK HERE to applyApplications are due by July 1, 2021 - NO EXTENSIONS.



Political Involvement

  • How did you build awareness of the importance of Young Agent involvement in political affairs?


  • Increased young agent participation at state legislative day
  • Offered a young agent event at state legislative day
  • Participated in state lobbying efforts
  • Had young agent representation on state government affairs committee
  • Conducted a political awareness seminar/webinar for young agents
  • Sent political communications or action alerts to young agents
  • Tracked at least one bill and garnered young agent involvement
  • Ran an awareness piece in your state or young agent publication
  • Had young agents involved in local or regional legislative efforts


  • Sent young agents to the Big “I" Legislative Conference who were NOT first-timers
  • Sent young agents to the Big “I" Legislative Conference who WERE first-timers


  • Met or exceeded your state's young agent InsurPac fundraising goals
  • Increased the number of new InsurPac donors
  • Increased or maintained recurring InsurPac donors
  • Recognized InsurPac donors at your state conference
  • Had a young agent PAC chair in place
  • Hosted an InsurPac fundraising event/activity
  • Created an InsurPac fundraising communication piece
  • Conducted a first-time lobbying seminar (briefing)


Best Practices of Invest


  • What Invest initiatives was your Young Agents committee involved in and what did you accomplish?


  • Helped start a new Invest program at an area school
  • Worked with Invest staff liaison to develop or serve on an Invest committee
  • Participated in at least one high school or college career day
  • Had at least five volunteers/guest speakers visit Invest classrooms
  • Used an Invest presentation in the classroom


  • Hosted one job shadow event or field trip to an independent agency
  • Hosted one job shadow event or field trip to a carrier's office
  • Hosted one job shadow event or field trip to your state association headquarters office
  • Invited InVEST students to a YAC conference or other educational opportunity/event
  • Encouraged InVEST students to participate in an industry internship
  • Encouraged companies and agencies to post internships on the Big “I" Insurance Career Center


  • Educated students about InVEST Scholarship opportunities
  • Donated an item to the InVEST Silent Auction
  • Sponsored the national YAC Gives Back: A Benefit for InVEST Scholarships
  • Promoted InVEST with ads and articles in Young Agent publications
  • Promoted InVEST by placing ads or articles in state association or other industry publications
  • Hosted a fundraiser for InVEST


Best Practices of Membership Development


  • What membership recruitment, retention, and welcome activities did your committee conduct?


  • Visited at least one agency to recruit young agents (visits by state staff, volunteers, or company partners)
  • Used testimonials from current young agents supporting involvement in association activities
  • Utilized online videos and/or social media to help in the recruitment process
  • Conducted one joint event with another organization (association, fraternity, college, etc.)
  • Used the association website for young agent promotion
  • Promoted association membership/young agent involvement to newly licensed agents
  • Created targeted messaging for agency principals regarding the value of young agent activities
  • Worked with carrier reps to promote young agent activities and involvement


  • Held a new member welcome or orientation event
  • Sent a new member welcome email/snail mail packet
  • Had committee members/state YAC liaisons make phone calls welcoming young agents
  • Had committee members/state YAC liaisons make phone calls inviting new young agents to events
  • Hosted recurring calls/webinars/virtual education
  • Recognized new young agents via a listing on your state website, in an article, at an event, etc.


  • Featured young agent profiles in a state or industry magazine
  • Presented a Young Agent of the Year award
  • Had a young agent booth or hosted an event in conjunction with a state association event
  • Offered a mentorship program to new young agents
  • Asked new young agents to volunteer in committee and/or association activities


Best Practices of Community Service


  • What community service project activities did your committee conduct?


  • Created a taskforce that included both committee members and other young agents
  • Met with members of the community to determine need
  • Determined and publicized project selection and goal
  • Determined the desired outcome (i.e. number of attendees at an event, amount to be raised for a fundraiser)
  • Created a strategy to manage the project from pre-project planning to post-project wrap-up


  • Invited/involved young agents to participate in the project
  • Invited/involved carriers to participate in the project
  • Invited/involved state association leaders and staff to participate in the project
  • Created awareness within the community about the project
  • Garnered state leader, association member, and association staff support for the project
  • Partnered with other organizations to achieve the goals of the project


  • Achieved or exceeded attendance goals
  • Achieved or exceeded fundraising goals
  • Created awareness of Trusted Choice® independent agents within the community
  • Determined a continued need and plan to continue the project
  • Achieved success with this project and will decide on a new community service project for next year
  • Created a lasting relationship with the recipient organization


Best Practices of Young Agents Meetings


  • How did you achieve your event goals?


  • Created a standalone meeting/conference for young agents
  • Hosted a young agents event in conjunction with a state conference
  • Raised funds for the event via company and/or vendor support
  • Invited state leaders to participate in/speak at the event
  • Planned at least one networking event/mixer with members, young agents, and sponsors
  • Developed a schedule that offered valuable takeaways for agents to implement in their agencies



  • Developed an attendee prospect list
  • Created custom marketing messages for young agents, sponsors, and agency principals
  • Targeted marketing to agency principals
  • Offered scholarships or a reduced rate strategy to secure registrants
  • Utilized state association outlets (social media, newsletters, blogs, video channels, etc.) to promote the event
  • Called prospects and agency principals to promote the event
  • Provided sponsor and state association staff with field rep materials to help market the session
  • Utilized presenter content/blogs/webinars to promote the event



  • Met/exceeded fundraising goals
  • Met/exceeded attendance goals
  • Mentored first-time attendees
  • Adhered to the event budget
  • Recognized sponsors/state leadership where appropriate and communicated ROI to sponsors
  • Provided meaningful post-event deliverables/takeaways 
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