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Tect Trends and Resources for the Independent Agent

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for the week of Aug 1

Insight + Analysis for the Independent Agent

Several Personal Umbrella Carriers to Implement Major Changes
Recent announcements from several personal umbrella carriers outline major changes in coverage that will leave agents scrambling to find new markets for their clients.
Coalition Adds 3 More States to Admitted Lineup
​Coalition's admitted lineup now includes Hawaii, Idaho and Michigan.
Turn to Goldleaf for Software and Technology Bonds
Software and technology surety bonds are a unique type of bond, and you need an experienced team of bond specialists to help you navigate the process and mitigate risks in a timely fashion.
Leverage DocuSign to Accelerate Growth
​With limited time and resources, agencies adopt DocuSign e-signature to improve the speed of doing business, build trust with customers and improve operational efficiency.
New Hires: Orientation vs. Onboarding
​The way you integrate a new employee during their first days, weeks and months often corresponds to whether they become an engaged, long-term employee, or an ineffective, short-term hire.
Big ‘I’ Virtual Risk Consultant Program Makes Changes
The Big "I" Virtual Risk Consultant will be discontinued and replaced with Rough Notes' Advantage Plus, which offers the same suite of services.
Coalition Adds 13 States to Admitted Lineup
Coalition’s admitted cyber product is now available in 31 states.
Chubb Offers Home Accessibility Guidance
The team can advise you and your clients on how to update the home while maintaining value and beauty.

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