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for the week of Aug 10

Insight + Analysis for the Independent Agent

Medicare for All Gaining Momentum as 2020 Election Approaches
Medicare for All Gaining Momentum as 2020 Election Approaches
Federal health care policy, including Medicare for All, continues to be debated in Congress.


Insure Homeowners Against These 4 Summertime Backyard Perils
As people continue to stay home, agents should advise homeowners to have an umbrella insurance policy that protects both the property and the people on it.
Digital, Accelerated: How Agents Can Adapt to the New Normal
Digital, Accelerated: How Agents Can Adapt to the New Normal
There is still room for growth in digital adoption, and COVID-19 shone an even brighter light on the need for independent agents to have a digital presence.
3 Ways to Successfully Navigate Change
3 Ways to Successfully Navigate Change
In today’s uncertain circumstances, it’s critical for agents to evolve business operations and adopt technology to continue to serve customers. Navigating change requires an explicit focus on three core principles.
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Big ‘I’ Debuts New Video Showcasing Member Benefits
Watch the new video “The Big 'I' Has Your Back," a fresh and informative overview of the range of benefits available to Big “I" members.
Trusted Choice® Launches New Brand Campaign
 “You Do You” airing nationally on Hulu, YouTube and other social media platforms.
EXCEED Offers Onboarding Training
Watch two short videos explaining the benefits of EXCEED, including how a leaderboard can be used to generate friendly peer competition.
Webinar on Top 4 Best Practice Issues in August
Join the Aug. 18 webinar touching on this month's top four issues and how Best Practices fundamentals can help your agency withstand the current environment.
Take the Eagle Pop Quiz
Take the two-minute quiz now to see if the Eagle program is right for your agency.
Independent Agent Magazine Wins 3 New Awards
March, June issues and website take home platinum at Hermes Creative Awards.
Board, Member Meetings Will Take Place Virtually
The meetings will take place Sept. 10-11.
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