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for the week of Feb 8

Insight + Analysis for the Independent Agent

Pollution Liability: Cleaning Up Toxic Practices
Pollution Liability: Cleaning Up Toxic Practices
Agents are living on the edge when they skimp on genuine pollution liability insurance coverage.


Top 5 Insurance M&A Deals in Q4 2020
The five major deals accounted for 100% of the fourth quarter's total deal value, with the largest deal being the $3.94 billion acquisition of Metlife Auto & Home Insurance Agency by Zurich Farmer's Group and Farmer's Exchanges.
60% of the Workday Lost to ‘Work About Work,’ Study Reveals
60% of the Workday Lost to ‘Work About Work,’ Study Reveals
Organizations of every size and across all industries are losing countless hours to work about work: the time wasted on searching for information, switching between apps and holding status meetings.
Selective’s College Competition Kicks Off
Selective’s College Competition Kicks Off
The annual contest provides teams of students with the opportunity to gain valuable insurance experience and networking opportunities.
Marketing Basics Haven’t Changed, But Delivery Has
Marketing Basics Haven’t Changed, But Delivery Has
Agencies have the tools available to better understand audiences, update message delivery channels and reach clients in the best way possible.
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Harness the Power of Superfans at Elevate
With a portfolio of clients including Dolly Parton, Katy Perry and Disney, Brittany Hodak joins Elevate Trilogy Part One to help you harness the power of superfandom. 
Don’t Miss Big ‘I’ Virtual University Live Webinars
The Big “I” Virtual University’s 2021 live webinar schedule features webinars with continuing education credit approved in some states.
Gamma Iota Sigma Career Center Discount
To celebrate Insurance Careers Month, the insurance industry’s collegiate talent pipeline is offering 50% off entry-level postings.
Share the Love with IICF Annual Benefit Events
The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation will host four virtual events to support local nonprofits and celebrate the philanthropic contributions of the insurance industry.
Apply Now to Trusted Choice® COVID-19 Relief Fund
To be considered for a grant, complete an application online and be sure to include documentation to support your request.
Big ‘I’ Employee Benefits Disability Insurance Solutions
Your most important asset is not your car, house, boat or other possessions. It is your ability to earn an income.
Streamline with Simple IRA Plan
The Big “I" IRA program was recently revamped and has partnered with a great new administrative service provider, iraLogix.
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