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Tuesday, July 30

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Home Accessibility with Age or Disability
My grandmother lived to be 103 and until just shy of her 100th birthday she lived in a regular apartment. Most don't maintain that level of independence at that age. In fact, the need for easier to use devices, specialized equipment and changes to the home is more prevalent than people may realize. Learn More
Coalition Update: 13 More States Added to Admitted Lineup & Admitted Enhanced in Colorado & Maryland
States Newly Added to Admitted Lineup: Alabama, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, South Carolina, South Dakota, and West Virginia. Learn More
Indoor Environmental Loss Exposures in Condos, Schools, Hospitality, and Other Commercial Properties
What comes to mind when you imagine a property that needs to purchase pollution insurance? It's probably something like a chemical mix and blend facility, a manufacturing plant, or maybe a landfill. Odds are it's not a standard condominium or apartment building, an elementary school, or commercial office building that houses an insurance agency, an investment brokerage firm, and a dental office. Learn More
Recreational Vehicles Repair Claims
Did you catch the recent Independent Agent article about recreational vehicle rates following auto rates? It referred to the shortage of places that can repair RVs, especially the specialized equipment on the newer models. Fortunately, Big "I" Markets partner National General guarantees all of the workmanship done through their Dedicated Repair Program (DPR) on your client's vehicle for as long as they own it. Learn More
What the Flood! Interactive Quiz
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has created an interactive quiz that consumers can use to test their flood knowledge. Its simple, colorful format offers a new way to engage your clients on the topic of flood insurance. Learn More
New Coalition Cyber Security Tool - Training to Reduce Human Error
Security Awareness Training = Fewer Claims and Premium Savings!
We now live in an age where a cyber attack, technology failure, or human error can cause everything from data theft to nuclear centrifuge explosion, local government shutdowns, hospital shutdowns, hotel room lockouts, supply chain disruptions, and even blackouts. Coalition was founded to address what is now the single most prevalent risk to businesses-cyber risk. Their mission - to solve cyber risk. Learn More
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