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Tuesday, November 19

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Environmental Indemnity Insurance for Real Estate Title Transfers
Environmental Indemnity Insurance
Environmental Indemnity Insurance is pollution legal liability insurance with added terms and conditions that make it suitable for insuring the environmental risks transferred via an environmental indemnity contract. And while environmental indemnity contracts may be broad or narrow in scope, the pollution legal liability insurance market has come to offer "standard" terms that define its scope and terms. Learn More
Quick Tax Time To-Do
The end of 2019 is fast approaching and Big "I" Markets will be issuing 1099s soon. Please be sure your agency name, address, tax ID and entity type are updated correctly on your Big "I" Markets profile.

Learn More
Travelers Helps Insureds Survive a DDoS Attack
Why a DDoS attack? The answer is usually cyber-criminals or disgruntled employees and for a variety of reasons, such as extortion, revenge, or even politics. If that's not bad enough, a lot of times a DDoS attack's real purpose is cover for data theft or network infiltration. The attack keeps the victim busy while the bad guys steal data or sneak in a piece of malware. Learn More
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