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Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, April 7

Plug into the Power of Big "I" Markets

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Announcing Vacant Commercial Buildings
The Small Commercial program on Big “I” Markets is expanding into the non-admitted market to bring you access to vacant commercial buildings. Coverage is available as a package or monoline, and multiple locations can be considered. Learn More


RLI Home Business Insurance
ACT Meeting Goes Virtual
​Great news from the Agents Council for Technology. Though ACT’s Orlando conference has been postposed, key sessions will be offered in an on-line format at no cost to Big “I” members. This incredible learning opportunity will take place April 22nd, 2020. Learn More
Familiarize Yourself with Fidelity Bonds
More often than many realize, employees steal from their employers. It's not just monies that are stolen.  Thefts can include supplies, inventory and even company time.  Theft is not just limited to the company's office or job site.  Thefts can occur when employees are on site at a customer's home or business.
There's a product that can offer protection to cover employee dishonesty and theft. A fidelity bond indemnifies an employer against financial loss due to the dishonesty of an employee or protects a business from certain types of damage caused by employees.  A fidelity bond shields a company from expenses that are not covered by other policies. Learn More

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