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Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, September 8

Plug into the Power of Big "I" Markets

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Protecting Pearls and More
It doesn't get much more classic than pearls. These popular keepsakes manage to be dainty and sweet, yet bold at the same time. (Explains why they're a common choice for weddings!) Share these tips for maintaining pearls from our partner Jewelers Mutual’s Jewelry Box Blog with your clients. Then be sure they are are aware you can offer them standalone coverage for pearls and other jewelry through Big “I” Markets.
Learn More
New VU Program Offers Onboarding Training
Investing the resources to onboard and train new hires helps them feel welcome, adjust to their new roles and begin contributing value to your agency quickly—and allows managers an opportunity to track employee performance and assess and address technical and knowledge levels.
The Big “I," along with International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) and WebCE®, can help with this process through EXCEED, a new online learning program designed to reinforce and build upon agents' training through interactive modules on property-casualty insurance topics and scenarios. Learn More
Help Banks Avoid Being A Victim
One increasing claim trend seen at Travelers among financial institutions is a form of social engineering referred to as fraudulent instructions. In a bank's case, fraudulent instruction occurs when an employee is tricked into transferring money from a customer's account to somewhere else because a fraudster steals the customer's identity and convinces the bank through emails or phone calls to move the funds. With the benefit of seeing mu​ltiple claim scenarios, Travelers would like to share some of the best practices that can be used to prevent fraudsters from making your bank clients into victims. Share these tips with your bank clients and prospects. Learn More

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