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Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, January 5

Plug into the Power of Big "I" Markets

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Coalition Surplus Lines Policyholders Benefit From New $0 SIR Endorsement
Coalition’s differentiated approach to underwriting and risk management contributes to policyholders experiencing less than one fourth the frequency of claims as of the rest of the market. Unique to the industry, Coalition combines cyber security tools and threat intelligence to reduce policyholders’ chances of an incident and provides an Incident Response Team instantly available, 24/7/365, to quickly and efficiently respond in the event an incident should occur. Learn More


ACORD Renewal Benefit Update
The Big “I” had your back in 2020 in many ways; one of the major benefits is covering your annual ACORD Forms license to allow you to access the ACORD Forms you need.  (Please note this benefit is for agencies with less than $50 million in annual P&C revenue.)

Keep in mind that obtaining this license through ACORD is an annual renewal – so member agencies need to go through the ACORD Forms license renewal the same as you did at the beginning of 2020. Learn More
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Icicles May Indicate A Bigger Problem
Icicles may be an iconic symbol of winter but when they are hanging from a gutter it may be a sign of a much bigger problem, especially during times of the daily temperature being around freezing. Inadequate insulation and poor airflow can cause escaping heat to collect in the attic which can melt the underlying snow closest to the top of the roof. The water runs down until it reaches the unprotected eaves and gutters where it refreezes before it can go down the spout. When enough ice accumulates it can actually prevent subsequent water from reaching the cooler section and refreezing. This water can then back up under shingles and start working its way into the house. Learn More
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