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Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, June 28

Plug into the Power of Big "I" Markets

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Get Those Sparklers Insured!
Between 2019 and 2021, Independence Day moved from tenth to fifth place on the list of most popular days to get engaged. That means as the summer heats up, more of your clients will be using jewelry to celebrate their loved ones. Share the option of jewelry-specific insurance from Jewelers Mutual® Group to give your clients a way to have their jewelry protected by a trusted expert in the jewelry industry. Learn More


Changes to Big “I" Markets Commission Payments Take Effect September 1
Over the past several years we've encouraged all Big “I" Markets agents to enroll to receive commissions via electronic funds transfer (EFT) as part of our Disaster Recovery Plan.  Great progress has been made and we're grateful so many agents have supported the initiative.

EFT enrollment is now required for all BIM agents to ensure we can fulfill our obligation to remit earned commission to you. Learn More
Are You Ready for Rising Interest Rates?
Today's challenge is the effects of a rapidly rising interest rate environment on Big “I" members who may have borrowed money on a floating rate basis. Many small business loans continue to be priced on floating rate above the Prime Rate. While no one can exactly predict interest rates, we do know that the bias is upward and rapidly so. Learn More
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