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Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, May 9

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Are You Advising Millennials About Valuables Coverage?
As America’s largest living generation, millennials (born 1981-1996) are becoming prominent art collectors. High net worth millennials, specifically, are buying more art and spending more on it than any other demographic, according to an Art Basel/UBS report. But are they aware of the risks they face? And how to protect their artwork? Learn More


Think You Know Flood Insurance?
​Recently, Big “I" members were encouraged to “Spring Into Flood Awareness" with our annual campaign designed to make flood insurance top-of-mind. As part of that effort, we developed a brief and fun “Test Your Flood Knowledge" quiz. Learn More
Check Out Coalition’s Sweet New Dashboard Redesign
Big “I" Markets registered agents have exclusive access to Coalition's Broker Dashboard to quote and bind coverage and take advantage of various marketing and sales resources. Coalition's redesigned Broker Dashboard provides Big “I" Markets agents a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Learn More
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