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Jun 08
Offer Small Business Clients a New Cyber Solution

Every business collects personally identifiable information (PII) like email addresses, phone numbers, credit card information and more—and all of it creates a cyber liability exposure.

Imagine your commercial client loses a laptop or business smartphone, or one of its customers calls to say their credit card was improperly used after visiting your client's establishment. Who does that small business turn to now?

The answer: Big "I" Markets. $200 solves this issue for most small businesses with fewer than 50 employees—that is, if their independent agent has offered coverage through the new Big "I" Markets Cyber – Small Business Solution product.

How to Market Cyber
At the very least, email every small business in your client roster to offer coverage. We provide a concise sample letter you can download that quickly outlines the product. You can even mail the letter via snail mail, or use it as a reason to check in with a call or personal visit—or both!

A Simpler Sales Process
Binding could not be easier. Enjoy 15% commission, the ease of direct billing and the confidence that comes with using an A.M. Best A-rated insurer.

To access the product, log in to Big "I" Markets, select Cyber Liability – Small Business Solution and provide a customer email address in the quote request function. Big "I" Markets takes care of the rest,  collecting the application and $200 via credit card directly from the customer, then paying you.

The policy and certificate are available 24-48 hours after the payment has been processed. We post a signed application on Big "I" Markets, and a dedicated webpage is available for you to print the certificate and policy.

E&O Protection
Document, document, document! After sending your initial marketing letter, ask for a signed declination via DocuSign. We created a sample form you can customize with your agency name. If your client doesn't return the form, use a DocuSign message to document that you sent the offer.

Questions? Log in to Big "I" Markets and select Cyber Liability – Small Business Solution from the Commercial Products menu, or email Big "I" Markets staff.  


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